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How We Can Help Young Girls Stay Assertive
When she’s four, she’s audacious. When she’s 14, she has trouble speaking up for herself. Here’s how to help young women keep their voice.
feminism  culture  gender  sexism  social 
2 days ago by spaceninja
Reasons You Were Not Promoted That Are Totally Unrelated to Gender
You don’t smile enough. People don’t like you. You smile too much. People don’t take you seriously.
culture  gender  sexism  racism  work 
2 days ago by spaceninja
Getting really (un)comfortable with being a woman working in tech
Yes, many women are angry, and injured, and our public seething will make you uncomfortable. Sit with that. Let it wash over you, and through you. Breathe, and feel the urge to squirm, and choose to be still instead. For we who have been living with this discomfort our whole careers, you can handle not-reacting for a few minutes.
culture  feminism  gender  sexism  discomfort  yoga 
2 days ago by spaceninja
Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant on Why Women Stay Quiet at Work
YEARS ago, while producing the hit TV series “The Shield,” Glen Mazzara noticed that two young female writers were quiet during story meetings. He pulled them aside and encouraged them to speak up more. Watch what happens when we do, they replied.
culture  work  feminism  sexism  gender 
2 days ago by spaceninja
Will Women In Low-Wage Jobs Get Their #MeToo Moment? | FiveThirtyEight
A macho workplace culture can normalize bullying, meaning men don’t act when they see women who are sexually harassed. “The overwhelming target of bullying is men against other men,”
2 days ago by geof
"Man Up" | The Players' Tribune
"It’s truly astounding how many awful things that occur in this world because men are afraid of appearing weak." (Or a loser / uncool.)
consent  gender  rape-culture  sexism  explanations  toxic-masculinity  parenting  society  rape 
3 days ago by mindways

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