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The Women in My Family Had to Be Good With Money
In my experience, I have noticed that men rarely steal women’s dreams by forbidding them outright. Instead, they take our dreams slowly, over time, by urging us to be practical, by appealing to common sense. Like sand irritating an oyster, they wear you down. Only, instead of eventually producing a thing of beauty – a pearl – they remove your sheen and leave nothing but grit.
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23 hours ago by cmananian
US kids’ doodles of scientists reveal changing gender stereotypes
% of "researchers" drawn by kids as female goes from 1% in 1960s to 33% today. With huge error bars.
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4 days ago by mcherm
The Reality of Women’s Pain | The New Republic
How should the body feel to the woman living in it? For those with childbearing capacity, pain is often framed as a biological necessity, or at the very least, as something unavoidable.       

Recently The Week’s Lili Loofbourow examined the topic of “bad sex,” explaining that vast numbers of women engage in painful intercourse and, what’s more, that they expect it to be painful. “Women are encultured to be uncomfortable most of the time,” Loofbourow writes. “And to ignore their discomfort.”
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4 days ago by cmananian
Student evaluations are discriminatory against female professors.
Our research shows they’re biased against women. That means using them is illegal.
sexism  education 
5 days ago by kbriney
Abusers and Enablers in Faculty Culture - The Chronicle of Higher Education
But from a purely pragmatic standpoint, it also means that departments and institutions are missing out on getting the full benefit of the talent they pay for.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Here are just four ways that abuse negatively affects academe. By recognizing the following behaviors as abuse, we can more quickly change them at the institutional level without constantly expecting women to adapt at the individual level.

Abuse is normalized. "That’s just how things are done, and if you can’t take it, you shouldn’t get a Ph.D." The idea here is that pain and suffering give the profession its soul. Kindness is for saps.

I hear from academic clients all the time who have either internalized this message or convinced themselves that the treatment they are subjected to is not abuse. After all, they haven’t been hit, or raped, or even asked to give naked massages in exchange for tenure. But they have been attacked by colleagues online and in department meetings. They’ve been denied promised jobs and promotions because of an ever-moving goalpost.
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10 days ago by Quercki
The Male Glance
To be clear, the show about boys got way too much credit, and the show about girls got way too little. This is how we approach male vs. female work. Let’s call it the “male glance,” the narrative corollary to the male gaze. We all have it, and it’s ruining our ability to see good art.
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11 days ago by spaceninja

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