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Facing the Great Reckoning Head-On - OneZero
And so, if my recognition means anything, I need it to be a call to arms. We need to all stand up together and challenge the status quo. The tech industry must start to face The Great Reckoning head-on. My experiences are all too common for women and other marginalized peoples in tech. It’s also all too common for well-meaning guys to do shitty things that make it worse for those that they believe they’re trying to support.
If change is going to happen, values and ethics need to have a seat in the boardroom. Corporate governance goes beyond protecting the interests of capitalism. Change also means that the ideas and concerns of all people need to be a part of the design phase and the auditing of systems, even if this slows down the process. We need to bring back and reinvigorate the profession of quality assurance so that products are not launched without systematic consideration of the harms that might occur. Call it security or call it safety, but it requires focusing on inclusion. After all, whether we like it or not, the tech industry is now in the business of global governance.
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yesterday by Vaguery
I’ll Show You Mine so You’ll Show Me Yours: Motivations and Personality Variables in Photographic Exhibitionism
Main motivation for men: transactional (expect a nude in return);
Main goal: elicit sexual desire or interest.

But in most cases by far (99%?), the unsolicited dick pic disrupts the escalation process. It’s not a _/ but a _| — instead of increasing the tension in a fun and playful way, you’re just hitting a wall.
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yesterday by KuraFire
The war on #MeToo will fail. Women cannot be un-radicalized | Moira Donegan | Opinion | The Guardian
In other words, the backlash could be thought of as a return to familiar social and intellectual habits, habits that subvert justice but which are comforting to the powerful. Among these habits are that of depicting women as incompetent and untrustworthy, of thinking of men as honorable and incapable of meaning any harm, of thinking of feminists as unreasonable, and their calls for men to think more about the emotions, rights and desires of women as unreasonable, even totalitarian. These are familiar habits to a lot of people, including people who think of themselves as good and socially conscientious, people who read the New York Times, or vote Democratic, or have a stack of New Yorkers in their living rooms.

This emerging backlash will present a challenge to the feminist movement that has emerged in the #MeToo era, but it is not a new challenge, or a surprising one: anti-feminist reaction follows every feminist movement with the certainty and regularity of the tides. “The anti-feminist backlash has been set off not by women’s achievement of full equality but by the increased possibility that they might win it,” Faludi said. “It is a pre-emptive strike that stops women long before they reach the finish line.” But the #MeToo movement has radicalized a generation of women, making them keenly aware that they do not have to silently suffer from sexual violence, or meekly accept the indignities of sexual harassment. Un-radicalizing these women, and making them accept an anti-feminist future, would be as impossible as to un-cook an omelette, or un-ring a bell.
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3 days ago by emmacarlson
Remove Richard Stallman: Appendix A - Selam G. - Medium
My original post, “Remove Richard Stallman”, has received over 180,000 views at the time that I am writing this. Since then, I’ve spoken with a few reporters, and even more information has been…
4 days ago by geetarista

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