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ShtokCustomWorx by ShtokyD - Shapeways Shops
Neopixel modular LED connectors. Most are "pogo connectors" meaning a minimum of soldering required.
neopixels  led  connectors  shapeways 
july 2019 by cyberchucktx
3D Printing Multi-Color Polyjet - Shapeways
Multi-Color Polyjet is a rigid plastic material printed on the Stratasys J750 printer. The printer uses Polyjet technology to print in multiple Vero materials, including a clear plastic, to achieve 500,000 color combinations for translucent or opaque, full-color products. Multi-Color Polyjet is great for durable and realistic visual prototypes, medical models, and displays.
3dprinting  shapeways  color  online  store 
july 2019 by cyberchucktx
Shapeways + Medical 3d printing
Shapeways is the world's leading 3D printing service dedicated to providing fully customizable solutions for medical devices and innovations.
3dprinting  shapeways  medical 
may 2019 by cyberchucktx
Just in Time: Last-Minute Holiday Gifts - Shapeways Magazine
Need a last-minute gift for a special person on your holiday list? You can create a unique, custom 3D-printed clock with just a little bit of design knowledge and an inexpensive battery-powered clock kit like this $8 Youngtown Silent Clock Mechanism with Small Hands:
shapeways  3dprinting  clock  gifts 
december 2018 by cyberchucktx
Little Dipper (4QP8UM4NY) by isohedral
Little Dipper (4QP8UM4NY) by isohedral on Shapeways. Learn more before you buy, or discover other cool products in Dining.
cup  milk  3d  shapeways  design  cookie 
december 2018 by lgarron
1/87 1963-66 Chevrolet C-10 Fleetside Kit (ZQVGU6ANP) by rapidpro
1/87 1963-66 Chevrolet C-10 Fleetside Kit (ZQVGU6ANP) by rapidpro on Shapeways. Learn more before you buy, or discover other cool products in Vehicles.
may 2018 by bem1492
Adding "weight" to text in GIMP - Gimptalk - Premier Gimp Community
To stroke or "fatten" your text.

There are lots of ways to skin this cat so this is just one way. Again, be sure you have done your text layer with Layer to Image size. Then, right click your text layer, choose Alpha to Selection. That selects your text.

In the Image window Menu: Edit > Stroke selection. Choose the width of stroke you want to add.
svg  shapeways  inkscape  gimp 
july 2017 by libbymiller
1:200 - Tachi (Rocinante) full colour (KTF5BS3NB) by Speed
3D printed in Full Color Sandstone: Fully colored material with a coarse finish and a delicate feel.
shapeways  3d  printed  print  rocinante  theexpanse  tachi  mcrn 
february 2017 by 44sunsets
Modeling in Cinema 4d for Shapeways Rapid Prototype Printing - Bryan Leister
I’ve printed a few models from C4D at as a 3D sculpture and each time I do this I have to go through a trial and error process to create the model at the right size and specifications. I haven’t found good information that explains what the correct settings are, so for my own benefit and others, here it is:
c4d  shapeways  prototyping 
october 2016 by ekonon
3YOURMIND - 3D-Printing Software API
Simply integrate the 3D Printing Software into your program, web service or website. Start 3D printing immediately.
3d  printing  api  repair  providers  vizicities  label:try_out  imaterialise  shapeways  sculpteo  comparison  preview 
january 2016 by robhawkes

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