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9 hours ago by 3rdparty
Top 10 BEST Flickr Alternatives to Share Your Photos in 2019 - PhotoBlog
Here are the top 10 BEST Flickr alternatives to share your photos in 2019. From photo communities to photo storage sites, we have something for everyone!
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5 days ago by asaltydog
Are You Leaving Your Children Printed Photographs?
My son texted me the other day asking for my meatball recipe. It’s a rarity that he texts me for recipes, so I was thrilled to my toes. About a week later, my daughter texted me asking for my fresh pumpkin pie recipe. Again, joy spread through my body as I thought to myself, “Finally.”
See, I’ve been waiting for the day my children discovered the joy of cooking and baking. It had gotten to the point where I was questioning if it would ever happen. Would all of my recipes die with me? Would my last words on this earth be, “I love you, children. And why didn’t you want my Alfredo recipe?”
So, I texted my son back with the ingredients and instructions. I hit “send” and immediately thought, “Why did I text this? He’s going to lose track of this text and ask for this recipe again the next time he makes it.”
I texted my daughter back. I gave her tips for baking her pie and exactly how many spices to include for the perfect balance of flavor. I hit “send” and, again, thought, “She’s going to lose this text and ask me again next year.”
So with preserving family recipes in mind, I purchased two recipe boxes for my children and I am handwriting each recipe card with “Mom’s recipes.” Hey, stuff with MY mom’s handwriting on it is as precious as gold, so I know one day, they will treasure not just the recipe, but the handwriting itself.
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7 days ago by rgl7194
CRITS (Collaborative Research Into Threats) is an open source project that provides a unified tool for analytics and collaborative engagement in threat defense. The CRITS platform is implemented in the form of the core CRITS system that provides various TLO's (Top Level Objects) and a web interface to administer and manage users, sources and visibility into the data. CRTIS also provides a system of addon services to extend CRITS.
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10 days ago by curiousstranger

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