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Gingery Greens and Shrimp Soup | TASTE
Andrea Nguyen's take on canh, which she suggests you can play around with, e.g., swapping out fish for shrimp or any kind of greens for the mustard greens.

Very nourishing and light. Also easy to make.
recipe  vietnamese  soup  vegetable  shellfish  made-it  food-for-two 
12 weeks ago by nyx
With Maryland’s most popular food items coming from our beloved Chesapeake Bay, we tend to eat a lot of seafood, especially shellfish.
shellfish  food-allergies  seafood-facts 
september 2019 by Adventure_Web
Vito's Shrimp Scampi Recipe on Food52
Quartered for one person:

1 garlic clove, chopped
1T white wine
1/2C cream
7g butter
2T lemon juice
113g jumbo shrimp
1/2 tomato
113g linguine
2T Parm
2T basil
recipe  italian  american  pasta  shellfish  dairy  cheese  made-it 
april 2019 by nyx
Ama - The Pearl Diving Mermaids of Japan (Warning: Nudity) - Gakuranman
"One of the lesser-known but fascinating parts of Japanese culture is that of the Ama pearl divers. Ama (海女 in Japanese), literally means ‘woman of the sea’ and is recorded as early as 750 in the oldest Japanese anthology of poetry, the Man’yoshu. These women specialised in freediving some 30 feet down into cold water wearing nothing more than a loincloth. Utilising special techniques to hold their breath for up to 2 minutes at a time, they would work for up to 4 hours a day in order to gather abalone, seaweed and other shellfish."

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japan  ama  photography  diving  seaweed  shellfish  pearls  oceans 
october 2018 by robertogreco
Culture of Jeju Haenyeo (women divers) - intangible heritage - Culture Sector - UNESCO
"In Jeju Island, there is a community of women, some aged in their 80s, which goes diving 10m under the sea to gather shellfish, such as abalone or sea urchins for a living without the help of oxygen masks. With knowledge of the sea and marine life, the Jeju haenyeo (female divers) harvest for up to seven hours a day, 90 days of the year holding their breath for just one minute for every dive and making a unique verbal sound when resurfacing. Divers are categorised into three groups according to level of experience: hagun, junggun and sanggun with the sanggun offering guidance to the others. Before a dive, prayers are said to the Jamsugut, goddess of the sea, to ask for safety and an abundant catch. Knowledge is passed down to younger generations in families, schools, local fishery cooperatives which have the area’s fishing rights, haenyeo associations, The Haenyeo School and Haenyeo Museum. Designated by the provincial government as representating the island’s character and people’s spirit, the culture of Jeju haenyeo has also contributed to the advancement of women’s status in the community and promoted environmental sustainability with its eco-friendly methods and community invovlment in management of fishing practices."

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jeju  korea  diving  fishing  shellfish  oceans  instangibleheritage  unesco 
october 2018 by robertogreco
Sorta doing the equivalent of vertical farming, offshore using submerged kelp frames and shellfish racks, with the frames deep enough to avoid ships?
kelp  seaweed  shellfish  farming  offshore  ocean  farm  marine  permaculture  food  production 
october 2018 by asteroza
Four Easy Tips For Eating Seafood Throughout The Week
Is seafood a part of your diet? Seafood contains a wide range of nutrients such as healthy omega-3 fats and can be an excellent source of lean protein.
fish  seafood  shellfish 
august 2018 by Adventure_Web
Shrimp with Coconut Milk Grits & XO Sauce Recipe on Food52
You can put XO sauce on just about anything, from noodles to scrambled eggs, but I decided to try it on traditional shrimp and grits and was astounded by how well it all works together. The creamy grits are a perfect counterbalance to the umami-rich XO sauce. You can use traditional cream to make the grits, but I chose coconut milk to keep the dish from being too heavy—plus, it was another nod in the Asian direction.
recipe  "asian"  american  cereals&grains  coconut  dairy  shellfish  herbs  must-try 
march 2018 by nyx
Crab & Lobster Festival
The Cromer and Sheringham Crab and Lobster Festival is a weekend celebration of the coastal towns of Sheringham and Cromer - the unrivalled combination of North Norfolk's premier seaside towns.
shopping  market  seafood  shellfish  beach  seaside  festival  events  cromer  sheringham  norfolk 
january 2018 by asaltydog
Oyster Pan Roast Recipe on Food52
Two things Thomas Downing was famous for were pickled oysters and his oyster pan roast. So essentially, we just made a simple straightforward oyster pan roast recipe: chili sauce (like Heinz), Worcestershire, white wine and shallots, some cream. It’s to showcase the story and this man who’s done so much, not just for fishing culture, but also for black culture.
recipe  shellfish  dairy  sauce  food-for-two  one-pan 
january 2018 by nyx
Shrimp Fra Diavolo (Spaghetti With Spicy Tomato Sauce) Recipe | Serious Eats
Why It Works

- Briefly marinating the shrimp with baking soda gives them an extra snappy texture.
- Sautéing the shrimp shells in oil extracts their flavor and infuses it into the sauce.
- Bottled clam juice is a quick and easy way to fortify the sauce with even more shellfish flavor.

|| Made this in a half portion with increased shrimp (put some grated garlic in when marinating) and substituting chicken broth for clam juice, cherry tomatoes for the canned tomatoes, and vermouth for brandy. Tasty, would make again.
recipe  italian  pasta  shellfish  garlic  herbs  made-it 
january 2018 by nyx

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