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HackEEG:Arduino shield for EEG, EMG, and EKG bio-signals acquisition @ Crowdsupply
HackEEG is an affordable, high-performance, fully open source TI ADS1299 Arduino shield ideally suited for digitizing biosignals like EEG, EMG, and EKG. If you want to read your brainwaves, do brain-computer interfacing, or build high-performance lab instruments for neuroscience or biology, HackEEG is for you!
crowdsupply  eeg  arduino  shield  medical  health 
17 days ago by cyberchucktx
Cthulhu Sensory Substituion Shield @ SparkFun
The Cthulhu Shield is the worlds first open source sensory substitution and sensory augmentation development platform! Sensory substitution is the name that has been given to tools and techniques that take sensory information you would normally receive on one sensory organ, and presents that information in another form to another sensory organ. Your brain then figures out what to do with this information and translates it into usable data. The Cthulhu Shield lets anyone experiment and make devices that can expand your sensory experience! This input device attaches directly into a 5V Arduino development board, enabling it to electrically activate nerve endings in your tongue (yup, your tongue) through an array of 18 electrodes with the included Flexible Electrode Array.
sparkfun  hardware  shield  arduino  sensors  sensor  medical  tongue 
8 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
Warner Bros. — Pentagram
워너 브라더스 로고 리브랜딩, 그리고 Warner Bros. Sans 서체 공개.
파란색의 현대적인 형태로 변경된 이번 로고는 워너 브라더스가 보유한 다양한 스토리 프랜차이즈나 프로그램에 모두 조화를 이룰 수 있도록 신경을 쓰고 작업했다고 함.
warner  bros  logo  pentagram  rebrand  shield  movie 
november 2019 by yun
no sound - Android TV / Fire TV - Emby Community
Page 1 of 3 - no sound - posted in Android TV / Fire TV: I am trying to play an epsiode but it does not play the soundstream with the voices, so I hear only background sounds and sometimes secondary voices.
(logs are attached, i started playing the file at 2019-07-27 20:52:22.098)
What I tried:
- playing other media files is no problem
- playing this specific episode on other clients (webclient, android phone and ios)
- restarting the server and the client does not solve the...</...
november 2019 by existme
Google Home, Welcome to the SHIELD Family | NVIDIA SHIELD Blog
SHIELD TV now offers deeper integration between with Google Home devices for ultimate hands-free functionality.
november 2019 by existme
Weather Shield Window 501 N 8th St Medford, WI Window Replacement - MapQuest
Weather Shield Window
501 N 8th St, Medford, WI 54451

(715) 748-501
Weather  Shield  Window  501  N  8th  St  Medford  WI  54451  (715)  748-501 
november 2019 by kilroy2

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