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MarBEF Data System
The European Marine Gazetteer integrates all different geographic names used in the MarBEF data pages. via Pocket
europe  gazetteer  ships 
6 days ago by kintopp
Medieval and Tudor Ships of England
Our database contains the details of English, Welsh, and Channel Islands merchant ships, and the voyages they undertook, between 1400 and 1580. The database was compiled using evidence from three core documentary records: via Pocket
history  maps  military  routes  ships  uk 
16 days ago by kintopp
Datasets on ship locations held in British, Dutch, Spanish, French, Argentinean logbooks from 1750-1850. See also: and
datasets  geo  history  maps  open  data  ships  travel  routes 
5 weeks ago by kintopp
The New Pocket-dictionary of the Italian and English Languages
The New Pocket-dictionary of the Italian and English Languages, Volume 2
google books, w tym wyrażenia
dictionary  italian  english  ships  statki  work  translation  from notes
6 weeks ago by Harpijka

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