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Why feminism and racism have a lot to do with the gun debate - CNNPolitics
Cullors: I think so. I've been pretty impressed with the Parkland students who've listened to young black students and brown students, mostly poor students who've been saying, you know, "our issues matter, too." And many of the Parkland students who've gone to Chicago and then met up with the black youth, to talk about gun violence. Um, one of the young men, was quoted saying, our issues, as in white people's issues, are being amplified over black people's issues, it's just a matter of race, and I thought that was so powerful, because they're listening to the young black and brown students who are saying, you know, we deserve to be a part of this larger media conversation, part of this larger public dialog and outcry to save the lives of young black and brown people too. So that has been so impressive. And I point that out because it's important for us to name our victories and I think that narrative shift has happened because black people have said, "hey, wait a second, like, let's be a little bit more complicated about how we're talking about this gun violence issue," and the Parkland students have heard it and have been amplifying.
gun  violence  school  shooting  BlackLivesMatter  intersectionality 
4 days ago by Quercki
Not Without You
Six months earlier, Bucky would have said the prospect of dying back home in Brooklyn sounded like a dream. Now, faced with his own imminent demise in a Brooklyn that is almost unrecognizable, it’s decidedly less appealing.

Honestly, it’s just sort of bizarre. Survive Afghanistan and come home to die in the pseudo-zombie apocalypse. Can’t make this stuff up.

Review: This has to be one of the most amazing fics I've ever read. There's so much going on, yet it's so wonderfully individual you don't notice that it's almost 100,000 words. It's just - God, I don't even have the words. I read this compulsively for three days and I wouldn't have it any other way. This was a magical fic that I will love for all of eternity :)
fanfiction  complete  read  theavengers  Steve/Bucky  AUalternateuniverse  AUzombies  explicit  slash  friendstolovers  sub/dom  dirtytalk  roughsex  angst  romance  feels  fluff  kinkexploration  hurt/comfort  druguse  guns  shooting  blowjob  pornwithplot  weightgain  bellykink  spanking  feedingkink  lumberjackkink  daddykink  roadtrips  action/adventure 
4 days ago by snipershezz
Woman opens fire at YouTube headquarters, wounding four before taking her own life • LA Times
James Queally, Benjamin Oreskes, Richard Winton, Tracey Lien and Angel Jennings:
<p>A woman opened fire at the YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, Calif., wounding four people before taking her own life, authorities said.

San Bruno Police Chief Ed Barberini told reporters Tuesday afternoon that one person, believed to be the shooter, was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Four other people were taken to area hospitals for medical treatment, according to Barberini.

Lisa Kim, a spokeswoman for Stanford Medical Center, said at least four patients from the shooting were expected to be admitted at the medical center.

"We do not know their conditions," she said…

…At least two people were reportedly struck by gunfire, according to a law enforcement source who was not authorized to speak publicly about the incident. The shooter was described as a woman. So far authorities do not believe this was an act of terrorism and appears instead to have been a case of domestic or workplace violence — although the investigation has just begun.</p>

Domestic abuse and deadly weapons: a toxic combination. But those on all sides will use this incident to make points that aren't justified by the facts. (This is what was known at 2200GMT.)
youtube  shooting  guns 
22 days ago by charlesarthur
Read the latest details I obtained from the State Bureau of Investigation in a fatal officer-involved
NC  shooting  from twitter_favs
22 days ago by andriak
BART offers, then pulls back, promotion of cop in fatal Oakland shooting - San Francisco Chronicle
The BART Police Department promoted an officer who fatally shot a man in January near the West Oakland Station, selecting him for a mentoring role amid an investigation into whether the shooting followed state law and agency policy, records show.


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But the promotion of Joseph Mateu to field training officer, announced Monday by BART Police Chief Carlos Rojas, was put on hold Wednesday after The Chronicle called the agency to ask about it, according to internal bulletins.

Wednesday’s bulletin, marked as an “addendum” and “correction” to the earlier one, said the selection process for new field training officers “has not yet been finalized.
BART  police  shooting  2018 
26 days ago by Quercki
Parkland Shooting Survivor Threw Up Mid-Speech, Resumed Victorious, and J.K. Rowling Is Without Words
Rowling was cheering senior Sam Fuentes, a Douglas survivor who was shot in both legs, still has shrapnel lodged behind her eye, and is standing today. Fuentes read a poem about crying tears and blood while hiding behind bookcases during the shooting, and asking lawmakers not to “prioritize their guns over the lives of others.”

Midway through, she ducked and threw up; cameras cut away to the crowd; and then she laughed it off and said:

“I just threw up on international television! And it feels great!”

I am smitten.

She resumed the poem and then added that Saturday was also the birthday of victim Nick Dworet, who, she said, was shot before her eyes. She led the crowd in singing happy birthday to her classmate.
Parkland  shooting  massacre  #MarchForOurLives 
4 weeks ago by Quercki

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