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Show keyboard shortcut underscore in menus - Linux Mint Community
Gist of it: In dconf-editor, I disabled the org.gnome.desktop.interface automatic-mnemonics setting, and all accelerators appear immediately now.
dconf  keyboard  shortcuts  gnome  cinnamon  linux  xorg  editor  accelerators 
yesterday by nullrend
"I wish you'd shown me this years ago!" A short discussion on Excel time-saving shortcuts : excel
"I wish you'd shown me this years ago!" ​ This is the phrase I've probably heard more than any other when I teach Excel. I've run a few...
excel  shortcuts 
yesterday by cothrun
Alfred Cheatsheet - Alfred Help and Support
This cheatsheet covers the default hotkeys and keywords for Alfred's features.
cheatsheet  alfred  shortcuts 
3 days ago by enslrhs82
Welcome → UseTheKeyboard
Use The Keyboard
A collection of keyboard shortcuts for Mac apps, Windows programs, and websites.
windows  shortcuts  tricks  resources  tips  mac  reference 
4 days ago by abeckstrom
Automation — Prolost Store
Workflow tools that make work less worky.
shortcuts  ios 
5 days ago by shamam

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