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macos - Start configured VPN from command line (OSX) - Super User
To connect to a vpn named myvpn,
networksetup -connectpppoeservice "myvpn"

To disconnect from the vpn named myvpn
networksetup -disconnectpppoeservice "myvpn"
VPN  connect  disconnect  automatic  CLI  command  line  shell  bash  mac  macos  starred  mojave  high  sierra 
13 days ago by ebouchut
Sh1d0w/clean-links: What happens in your browser, stays in your browser.
A Safari App Extension, which strips all popular tracking query parameters off the links you click. No more fbclid or gclid!
Requirements: macOS 10.12 and later.
mac  macintosh  safari  estensioni  mh  mhie  privacy  browser  viapoweruser  sierra 
25 days ago by nicoladagostino
How to create Mac OS Installer
Installer di Mac OS High Sierra creato il 2 febbraio 2020
mac  sierra  boot  reinstall 
9 weeks ago by gilles9999
macos - Imagemagick convert command creating video from images gives avconv error on Mac - Stack Overflow
Find your delegates.xml file on your system. Mine (on my Mac Sierra) is at /usr/local/etc/ImageMagick-6/delegates.xml. But it could also be in /opt/local/etc/ImageMagick-6/delegates.xml. Mine shows
<code class="language-xml"><delegate encode="mpeg:encode" stealth="True" command="&quot;ffmpeg&quot; -nostdin -v -1 -i &quot;%M%%d.jpg&quot; &quot;%u.%m&quot; 2&gt; &quot;%u&quot;"/></code>
libav  ffmpeg  macports  macos  sierra  sortof  solution 
10 weeks ago by kme

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