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Sieve - Definition and Cooking Information -
Sieve cooking information, facts and recipes. A kitchen utensil that is used to strain liquids such as boiling water or to sift dry ingredients, such as flour or powdered sugar.
sieve  processing 
june 2019 by dbassendine
Particle Size Conversion Table | Sigma-Aldrich
Particle size conversion table from our Lab Basics Technical Library
sieve  processing 
june 2019 by dbassendine
Particle Size - US Sieve Series and Tyler Mesh Size Equivalents
Sieving is a practical and cost effective way to determine particle size distributions for coarser materials. Two accepted scales are the US Sieve and Tyler Mesh or equivalent scales. A table is provided that allows correlations between the two scales.
sieve  processing 
june 2019 by dbassendine
Sieve E-Mail Filtering | Tiger Technologies Support
You can use Sieve mail filters to control how mail is delivered.
tools  howto  sieve 
september 2018 by hussong
How to use Sieve | FastMail
This tutorial will cover the very basics of the powerful Sieve Filtering Language. Sieve is an email filtering language. A sieve script has a set of rules, each one comprising a test, and a set of instructions.
tools  sieve 
september 2018 by hussong
Spamfilter zu unflexibel Email-Filter umständlich verschachtelt - WCP (Webhosting Control Panel) - netcup Kundenforum
Moin zusammen,
hier bekommt ihr meinen ersten Beitrag im Forum und gleichzeitig direkt eine Bitte nach Verbesserungen

Nachdem ja verdienterweise #dfgate durch die Medien ging, habe ich mich schlussendlich dazu entschlossen mich von domainfact*ry zu…
netcup  sieve  filter 
july 2018 by thot

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