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Really excited for my talk today about at come join me at 4:30 pm in C3PO!
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2 days ago by jamuraa
One Year of #MeToo: How the Movement Eludes Government Surveillance in China
"...[F]eminist activists in China are now mostly operating underground; they are a tightly knit group, whose members travel to meet up and refer to each other as colleagues, but they have few public, official organizations. #MeToo gives them hope. The decentralized nature of the movement, which perpetuates itself through a chain reaction of online testimonies, makes it more difficult for the government to act against it. '#MeToo is not organized by a group of people,' Feng Yuan, the founder of Weiping ('For Equality'), an N.G.O. in Beijing that advocates against gender violence, told me. 'It is people who were violated making their voice heard, and no one knows where the next one will be. No one can stop it'...A number of self-organized grassroots networks have sprouted up to provide resources and rapport for women through social media and chat groups, where censorship is easier to elude. Many organizers use the encrypted app Signal to chat and GitHub to share files; they don’t do many media interviews and often conceal their identities. The groups provide advice, hook women up with legal support, or point them toward mental-health counselling. Mostly, they listen."
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7 days ago by dmcdev
Catch CTRL-C on Windows using Git Bash / MINGW64 with Go - Stack Overflow
Use winpty to catch signals correctly in Git Bash for Windows. It comes bundled with the installation, so all you need to do is:
golang  go  windows  bash  mingw64  signal  notification  command  cli 
7 days ago by danesparza
Now this is interesting! Android might be able to output carrier phase angle and other raw GNSS data. This is the basis for cyberlocator, the location security concept that used raw GPS signal variance to confirm location relative to a datacenter GPS receiver (intended for determining is someone was actually in the same region as a datacenter)
android  app  software  OS  system  GNSS  GPS  raw  data  signal  information  reference  CyberLocator 
6 weeks ago by asteroza
Signals, Intelligence – the grugq – Medium
Signal, by Open Whisper Systems, is the gold standard for secure instant messengers. It uses the well reviewed axolotl ratchet, an improved and modernized version of Off The Record, itself is a much studied protocol.
opsec  signal  it_sicherheit 
7 weeks ago by grenzreiter

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