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An AI That Makes Fake Videos May Facilitate the End of 'Reality' as We Know It
In October, Nvidia demonstrated the ability of one of their AIs to generate disturbingly realistic images of completely fake people. Now, the tech company has produced one that can generate fake videos. The AI does a surprisingly decent job of changing day into night, winter into summer, and house cats into cheetahs (and vice versa). Best (or worst?) of all, the AI does it all with much less training than existing systems.
simulation  truth  deception  video 
4 days ago by basemaly
Flat-Earth: Finding the curvature of the Earth
With the help of a simulation, I show, up to what altitudes the earth appears flat, although it actually has a spherical shape. Using some animations, you can learn how to recognize the curvature of the earth, or in what circumstances it appears flat. The simulation can also simulate refraction. I prove by means of photos, how the simulation depicts reality, by superimposing the simulation results onto photos.
flat  earth  globe  simulation  curvature 
5 days ago by pmw57
Is Reality Real? - Plato's Allegory of the Cave || Theory of Forms Explained - YouTube
Is Reality Real? The Allegory of the Cave was presented by the Greek philosopher Plato in his work Republic. It is written as a dialogue between Plato’s brother Glaucon and his mentor Socrates. We are going to discuss the nature of our reality through Plato's analogy and deconstruct the Theory of Forms or Ideas.
philosophy  truth  simulation  deception  VR 
5 days ago by basemaly

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