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Inside Kyoto | Kyoto Travel Guide
Chris Rowthorn is the author of the Lonely Planet's guide to Kyoto. His site is a wealth of information and his tours get great reviews on trip advisor.
kyoto  japan  siteseeing  Tour 
january 2017 by jayirwin
Honolulu Night Market
takes place every other month, but not in december (boo!)
oahu  market  siteseeing  honolulu 
november 2016 by jayirwin
Iceland’s buddy brilliant stopover scheme | Travel | The Guardian
great ideas re: how to use the IcelandAir Buddies. Cross country skiing! Ask about Icelandic lore and elves!
iceland  siteseeing  adventure  Reykjavik  crosscountryskiing 
october 2016 by jayirwin
The Icelandair Stopover Buddy Service | Icelandair
Free service! Request an IcelandAir employee show you around Reykjavik.
iceland  siteseeing  Reykjavik 
october 2016 by jayirwin
Nan Modal Ruins, Micronesia
Gary Arndt's favorite place on the planet. No one visits, though it rivals Macchu Pichu.
Micronesia  island  siteseeing  from iphone
april 2016 by jayirwin

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