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Watchdogging a Nonprofit Watchdog — ProPublica
Project Six is led by former Chicago City Council inspector general Faisal Khan, who says the group is independent and nonpartisan — even though 98 percent of the funds it received during its first year came from the Illinois Policy Institute. The institute’s crusades for small government, lower taxes and reduced labor-union power are highly influential within the state Republican Party.
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The bullets stopped - news - The Big Stories - Longreads by the Omaha World-Herald
The situation shows how highly localized the problem of Omaha’s violence can be. It also shows that violence is not always intractable — that a neighborhood and law enforcement, working together, can make a community a safer place to live.
The turnaround in this small section of Bedford Place was prompted by several events:
» A longtime neighbor made an official complaint about a bar and known gang hangout, leading city officials to shut it down.
» Residents, businesses and police joined forces to kick troublemakers out of the outdoor areas where they gathered at night.
» Police deployed new technology to provide improved information on when and where gun crimes happened, which let police better position their resources to trouble spots.
It’s been 18 months since a report of shots fired came from the area. In that time, residents say the biggest problems have been unshoveled sidewalks and unmowed lawns.
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Science & Technology Correspondent, BBC Look East | Jobs and careers with BBC
As the region’s Science & Technology Correspondent your main responsibility will be to report on, build contacts in and deliver original stories from this growing sector. The region is home to some of the fastest growing and most innovative hi-tech industries in the country from the Life Sciences sector and Digital Economies in Cambridge and Norwich to engineering technology in Northamptonshire and Milton Keynes. We’re looking for someone who can report confidently and competently on these issues and make them engaging for a hugely diverse audience.
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10 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
Somehow seeing evidence is always reassuring. Like, no, I'm not making this up. I do have ögrens
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