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Protoship Codegen | Protoship
Protoship Codegen converts your Sketch designs to simple and precise HTML and CSS that your developers can instantly understand, change, and integrate into their codebase.
sketch  html  css  generation  tool  import  webdesign  code  generator  sketch-to-code 
8 hours ago by gilberto5757
Nvidia's GauGAN AI turns rough sketches into photorealistic images in real-time - TechSpot
We've already seen deep-learning models that can create lifelike looking faces. On Monday, Nvidia Research unveiled a deep-learning model it developed that can create realistic landscapes from rough sketches. The tool is called GuaGAN, a tongue-in-cheek nod to post-impressionist painter…
deep-learning  generative-adversarial-networks  gan  sketch  draw  art  photo 
19 hours ago by nharbour
Easily generate favicons for today's devices with Sketch.
sketch  favicon 
yesterday by makenosound
Photopea | Online Image Editor
Open and edit PSD, XCF, Sketch (Photoshop, Gimp and Sketch) or any other image files. Inspect PSD and Sketch files. Convert Sketch to PSD. Apply photo effects and filters. A perfect alternative to Photoshop or Gimp.
yesterday by jbotos
Charts – Free Design System for Sketch
A comprehensive collection of charts, graphs and diagrams for Sketch.
sketch  charts  graphs  plugin 
2 days ago by awirtanen
Charts – Free Design System for Sketch
92 charts (for web and mobile), text and color styles, resizing constraints, organized nested symbols in 3 color schemes. Free for your personal and commercial projects
ux  sketch 
2 days ago by apbitner
The Abilene paradox

The paradox of how groups of people are able to take actions that no one in the group actually thinks is a good idea. Though individually we each may think that an idea is a bad one, we may go along with the group decision thinking that it’s just us that disagree when, in fact, no one thinks it’s a good idea.
sketch  science  sociology 
2 days ago by vipom

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