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How to connect Zeplin with Jira - ABOUT YOU TECH blog - Medium
First of all: There is no solution yet which works completely perfect for us. But we found a workaround to have a quite good overview of the layouts in zeplin while connecting these with JIRA. (At…
ux  zeplin  jira  sketchapp 
15 days ago by ingekuijper
Shared Plugin Folder on Dropbox — SketchTalk
Sketch Talk – The Friendly Sketch App Community
4 weeks ago by yankeh
How to Use a Design Grid - Matt Hryhorsky - Medium
Grids can be a little scary when you’re first diving into the world of UX and product design. This short, fun crash course will help give you the basics to grid like a pro.
ux  ui  grid  sketchapp 
4 weeks ago by ingekuijper
How To Build A Sketch Plugin With JavaScript, HTML And CSS (Part 1) — Smashing Magazine
»If you’ve ever worked with Sketch, the odds are that there have been plenty of moments when you’ve thought, “If only Sketch could do this one particular thing, I’d be able to accomplish the task at hand much faster, easier, and better.” Well, fret no longer! In this two-part article, you’ll learn how to build your our own Sketch plugins from scratch — giving you the skills needed to solve exactly these kinds of problems.«
sketchApp  plugin/addon/extension  tutorial 
6 weeks ago by flov
Zeplin vs InVision? Choose the best tool to ease design handoff
Pros and cons of Zeplin vs InVision listed by a lead designer and a lead developer. Use this benchmark to learn tips for mockup integration.
ui  design  webdesign  product-design  compare  sketchapp  zeplin 
10 weeks ago by stechico
Gain a Real Advantage of Sketch Data ⚡️ – UX Planet
Cool examples of generating test data for Sketch using Google Sheets
11 weeks ago by _af
Design engineers
really nice summary of what a healthy ecosystem could look like, including version control, accessibility, design patterns/libraries, and on and on

alt link:
webdesign  ui  design  inspiration  organization  management  git  styleguide  optimization  tools  progress  sketchapp 
11 weeks ago by inrgbwetrust
GitHub - BohemianCoding/print-export-sketchplugin: Exports a PDF for printing
»Print Export Plugin: With this plugin you can export one Artboard per PDF page for printing, or export all Artboards on one Sketch page to a PDF to share User flows or prototyping overviews. You can choose to show Artboard names, shadows and prototyping links, export to a variety of standard paper sizes in landscape or portrait orientation, and even add bleed and crop marks.«
sketchApp  print  plugin/addon/extension 
may 2019 by flov

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