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About The Court
The Legal Aid Society, with co-counsel White &amp; Case, is fighting NYC Dept of Correction's 2015 installation of surveillance cameras INSIDE, yes, inside, attorney-client interview booths in the Staten Island court house. They assure us that we can rest easy, they promise they're not recording audio and are using "masking technology" to block off the space where the normal size person accused of a crime should have a face. As much as we would love to believe them, they violated the original "temporary restraining order" four (FOUR!) times, turning cameras on when they were supposed to be off pending the litigation. Directions to court house: <>
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2 days ago by datasociety
SOPHIE - The Bowery Presents
My friend has 2 tickets to this show tonight that she’s trying to give to someone. LMK if you want them! <>
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2 days ago by datasociety
accessd/slack-deploy-bot: A Slack bot that helps you to deploy your apps
A Slack bot that helps you to deploy your apps. Contribute to accessd/slack-deploy-bot development by creating an account on GitHub.
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2 days ago by arioch1984
Critical Fabulations | A Small Group Session with Daniela Rosner Tickets, Thu, Sep 20, 2018 at 1:00 PM | Eventbrite
Hi all, on the heels of a FABULOUS Databite, here’s the last call to sign up for another :fire: event — tomorrow’s SGS with designer/researcher Daniela Rosner, hosted by danah! <>
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3 days ago by datasociety
Heather Dewey-Hagborg | Totem
Hi all — we have received a few questions about the enigmatic Totem art installation in the northwest corner of Flow. Totem is an art project by former fellow Heather Dewey-Hagborg — you can read more about the installation here: <> as well as on the newly installed Artists Statement next to the installation in Flow. For now, we have opted to keep Totem in the OFF mode. There is currently no audio recording. We will make various public announcements when/if the work is turned back on. For now, enjoy the majesty of Totem’s prescence.
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5 days ago by datasociety

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