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GitHub - caiceA/slack-black-theme: slack theme, dark theme for slack, black theme slack black theme
slack theme, dark theme for slack, black theme slack black theme - caiceA/slack-black-theme
slack  darkmode 
yesterday by jmastrom
Tulsa's Black Wall Street massacre - YouTube
I have shown this news item when talking about the black/white income gap in AP Social Studies. We also read this <>
slack  random 
yesterday by datasociety
Etsy’s experiment with immutable documentation
A super interesting look into how Etsy prevents documentation from going stale by splitting it into “how” docs (prone to change), and “why” docs (less likely to change)
devops  documentation  etsy  slack  programming  bestpractice 
yesterday by garrettc
Etsy’s experiment with immutable documentation - Code as Craft
In trying to overcome the problem of staleness, the crucial observation is that how-docs typically change faster than why-docs do. Therefore the more how-docs are mixed in with why-docs in a doc page, the more likely the page is to go stale. We’ve leveraged this observation by creating an entirely separate system to hold our how-docs.
etsy  slack  tribal  chatbot  documentation 
yesterday by dlkinney
Slarck - A place to keep your valuable conversations
Store your chat archives and get your entire conversation history back under your control, with powerful search and sharing features.
slack  archiving 
2 days ago by onefewercar
Python and Slack: A Natural Match – Towards Data Science
Nearly every service you use has an API with a Python interface. This allows us to interact programmatically with many services we use every day directly from Python.
python  slack  webapi  access  howto 
2 days ago by gilberto5757

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