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I heard that today is the day to buy tickets if you want to attend HOPE this year: <>
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3 days ago by datasociety
Studying Up: The Ethnography of Technologists | Ethnography Matters
Here's a nice piece from Nick Seaver talking about how most STS researchers end up studying up: <> (I definitely did - I interviewed ppl in my dissertation with net worths in the hundreds of millions, lol)
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4 days ago by datasociety
Youtube's Secret Codes REVEALED - YouTube
also, someone on YouTube cracked the code for de-monetization. Super interesting stuff. Including a bit of this in my talk on wednesday for sam's thing: <;index=3&amp;list=PLwSAFlbWv59xPBL3W_bLxaLGvnC4FtkbG>
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4 days ago by datasociety
How Slack uses a raccoon to keep distractions on Slack at bay | TechCrunch
Slack has undoubtedly changed how employees at many companies communicate. But more and more, it feels like Slack’s focus on immediate responses is far more distracting than the asynchronous emails it often replaces. As Slack CTO and co-founder Cal Henderson noted at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin today, we still have to figure out how Slack can fit into many a company’s culture and how to keep Slack discussions from going off topic despite the existence of GIFs and emoji. Internally, at Slack, the company mostly uses a raccoon for doing this.
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6 days ago by GameGamer43

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