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Shaping Your Slack – Rands in Repose
Rands on how the Leadership slack is run.

Links to their tool for pruning slack rooms.
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13 hours ago by mzyk83
The Miseducation of Dylann Roof - YouTube
Following up on our discussion yesterday... Southern Poverty Law Center put out a video early this year "The Miseducation of Dylann Roof" that is helpful when thinking about how they are framing the problem space of radicalization and hate speech online. It focuses mostly on Google search and how easily misinformation can be amplified and promoted. <>
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13 hours ago by datasociety
Baratunde Automation Outreach Messaging - Google Docs
Howdy humans (for now). Quick intro: I’m an advisor to D&amp;S. I do comedy, write, produce television, and talk a lot in public. I’m making and hosting a pilot episode of TV (not for public sharing right now), and our topic is Automation and the Future of Jobs. I drafted this ask. If you have ideas, please email, DM or respond on this post as a thread. thanks! <>
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14 hours ago by datasociety
Twist - Mindful Team Communication
Slack alternative, reducing notification interruptions
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20 hours ago by asteroza

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