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Here’s where your new readers are going to come from in 2019
re-write of "SmartNews is the most reliably growing external referrer."
smartnews  nieman 
13 days ago by smartnews
Predicting sources of traffic to content in 2019
"up 145% YoY, and growing at an average of 9% MoM, with a steady trajectory upward"
13 days ago by smartnews
Here are 5 great apps for C-Suite dwellers
Dwight Silverman, "Maybe SmartNews “inspired” Apple News... it’s a great way to drill down into breaking news and detailed stories about topics you care about from trusted sources."
smartnews  review 
17 days ago by smartnews gone as a referring URL in latest referral traffic trends
At number 10, fell off the list and was replaced by Smartnews which had been hovering at the 11th spot.
5 weeks ago by smartnews
SmartNews for Android video review
Jason Howell shows off SmartNews for Android, an app that gives you news from all different sources on a variety of topics. (3/30/2016 review)
smartnews  review 
6 weeks ago by smartnews
Are mobile news aggregators on the rise as referral traffic sources?
SmartNews is an app that aggregates and serves “impartial, trending and trustworthy” news through machine learning algorithms. And for the story I was looking at, about the FDA and e-cigarettes, SmartNews was the second highest external traffic referrer, right after Google Search.
october 2018 by smartnews
Tired of Filter Bubbles? This Free News App Can Help You Find Stories You Just Might Love
Which means occasionally you'll see a story you love, one that no algorithm could have ever predicted you would find interesting.
smartnews  Inc 
october 2018 by smartnews
Google News app bug burns through gigabytes of user mobile data
"I deleted the news app that day and am now enjoying SmartNews. Very poor handling of this situation, Google."
smartnews  googlenews  zdnet 
october 2018 by smartnews
It’s Her Job to Get More People to Act Like You Right Now
SmartNews used by NYT Global Growth Editor to keep up with news in Japan
smartnews  nyt 
october 2018 by smartnews
6 takeaways from ‘An evening with Dan Rather’
Broadcast legend Dan Rather spoke to a room full of journalists and journalism students Thursday night about how important journalism is to a just and fair society. Many attendees left the longtime news anchor’s emotional speech inspired and moved.
smartnews  danrather  journalism  ona 
september 2018 by smartnews
Publishers are taking a second look at news apps like SmartNews
During breaking news situations, when a local news outlet is most likely to have the best on-the-ground information, the app will often link to it. “After the Pulse nightclub shooting, the best coverage, and the coverage that surfaced on our channel, was from a local news source,” said Jaroslovsky. “The publisher saw a huge spike in traffic from us.”
smartnews  localnews 
july 2018 by smartnews
What’s in your [growth] stack? Fabien Nicolas, SmartNews
Every mobile marketer uses a range of technologies and services to help them market their apps. We catch up with our Mobile Heroes to learn what’s in their mobile marketing growth stack.
july 2018 by smartnews

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