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China smartphone sales to dramatically fall in Q1 2020 under the shadow of Covid-19 epidemic • Counterpoint Research
<p>Commenting on impacts of Covid-19 on the overall Chinese smartphone market, Brady Wang, associate director at Counterpoint Research, said, “Demand-wise, we see the market impacted severely. We estimate more than a 50% YoY decline in offline smartphone sales during the lock-down period. Therefore, we have lowered our sales forecast 20% for Q1. The situation may worsen and we may lower our forecast even more depending on the February sales. The plummet in Q1 is likely to generate a surge in channel inventories and further influence shipments and new products launches through Q2.”

Commenting on influence on sales of smartphone OEMs, Flora Tang, Research Analyst at Counterpoint Research, said, “Huawei group is likely to suffer as China has accounted for over 60% of its total smartphones sales. OPPO and Vivo will also be impacted because of their greater reliance on offline sales channels. The influence on sales of Xiaomi, OnePlus and Realme will likely be less severe as they are more online-centric and overseas-focused.”

Mengmeng Zhang, Research Analyst at Counterpoint Research, added, “Apple has announced a shutdown of its offline stores across China until 15th February. We estimate that this will bring a sales loss of about one million units of iPhones. Apple’s new product development plans will also be affected as engineers from the USA and Taiwan cannot travel to China. The iPhone SE2 set for a late March launch is likely to have troubles in ramping up volume due to the insufficient labour force in Foxconn’s Zhengzhou factory.”</p>

First the US sanctions mean Huawei effectively can't sell phones that people want outside China; now Covid-19 means it can't sell inside China. That really is the doubliest of whammys. Samsung, which manufactures outside China (though it relies on some Chinese components), is going to make hay on this one.
china  smartphone  huawei 
2 days ago by charlesarthur
Verizon: We have more unused network capacity today than five years ago | Light Reading
Scissors chart. They said. Market repair. They said. Open everybody's post to check for music. They said.
verizon  gsm  internet  smartphone  ovum  lte  scissors_chart 
4 days ago by yorksranter
Facial ID Respirator Masks
<p>We make N95 respiratory masks that work with facial recognition software.
Our masks are custom printed with your face making phone access easy during viral epidemics.

<img src="" width="100%" /></p>

This may mark some sort of ultimate "got lemons, make lemonade" move. Pandemic making it hard to unlock your phone? Capitalism has the answer! Although - small mercy - they're not in production yet because of, oh, a shortage of available face masks. Surely will be a line in a comedy some day.
design  identity  biometrics  smartphone  coronavirus 
5 days ago by charlesarthur
Justine Haupt | Rotary Cellphone
Why a rotary cellphone? Because in a finicky, annoying, touchscreen world of hyperconnected people using phones they have no control over or understanding of, I wanted something that would be entirely mine, personal, and absolutely tactile, while also giving me an excuse for not texting.
critical_making  retrofuturism  smartphone  texting  speculativedesign 
8 days ago by gwijthoff

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