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GitHub - MitchellSternke/SuperMarioBros-C: An attempt to translate the original Super Mario Bros. for the NES to readable C/C++
"An attempt to translate the original Super Mario Bros. for the NES to readable C/C++.

I've taken the smbdis.asm disassembly of Super Mario Bros. and successfully converted it to C++ using an automated codegen program I wrote (which you can be found in the codegen/ subdirectory of the repo). Right now, it looks very similar to the original disassembly and is fairly dense code, but it works! Check out source/SMB/SMB.cpp if you're curious."
video  games  smb  reverse-engineering 
25 days ago by ddribin
Why Businesses Should Start Prioritising Cybersecurity
"Ransomware attacks on such a massive scale seem to happen at least once a month nowadays. The entire American city of Baltimore was “held hostage” in May. A similar incident happened in Greenville, North Carolina the previous month.

Massive attacks aside, cybercriminals tend to target small businesses due to fewer investments in their cybersecurity infrastructure. It’s predicted that a new organization will be affected by such an attack every 11 seconds as soon as 2021."
"blogs  breaches  cyber  security  cybersecurity  hacking  proprivacy  ransomware  smb  sme  vpn  wi-fi  wpa2 
27 days ago by jonerp
5 Lessons I Learned When I Created My
Business  Tech  SAAS  SMB  from twitter_favs
6 weeks ago by etalk
Methods For Fine-Tuning Samba Permissions | iXsystems Community
Caveat: This is a work-in-progress
Correctly setting permissions on any server requires care and planning. In the case of Samba servers this becomes even...
freenas  smb  cifs  samba  sysadmin  zfs  freebsd 
7 weeks ago by rdump

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