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Pro-Market AND Pro-Business – Econlib
Both economists and libertarians often emphatically state, “I’m not pro-business. I’m pro-market.” What does this slogan really mean?
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9 weeks ago by frederikmarain
Jaron Lanier on fighting Big Tech’s ‘manipulation engine’ | Financial Times
“I don’t see how any society can hope to survive unless there’s at least some degree of alignment between society’s interests and economic incentives.”
econbasics  social-entrepreneurship 
july 2018 by frederikmarain
homo economicus, homo oppressus |
First, homo oppressus encourages people to see the world as a zero sum conflict. Marx is the classic example. There may be some short term economic growth, but ultimately social classes come into conflict. We also see versions of homo oppressus in feminist/masculinist theories, religious orthodoxy, and critical race theories. It is incredibly hard for someone committed to homo oppressus to understand that life is not zero sum and that many activities can enhance global well being yet still maintain inequality in various ways.
econbasics  social-entrepreneurship 
july 2018 by frederikmarain

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