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Racism will not be solved by there being more mixed-race children | Nikesh Shukla | Life and style | The Guardian
“Beige Britain” won’t be the utopia we want. It’ll be the same country it always was, but with a significant demographic change. The whole “mixed-race kids ending racism” feeling is a nice thought that doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t look at divisions in the country right now. It doesn’t interrogate problems we have. It doesn’t end inequality.
UK  USA  discrimination  Racism  post-racial  BAME  hate  speech  crime  inequality  social  poverty  trap  mobility  minority  meritocracy  meritocratic  Austerity  opportunity  education  policy  Gesellschaft  Xenophobia  prejudice  Stigma  Vorurteil  JAM  Theresa  May  Tories  nasty  party  Conservative  segregation  Culture  Muslim  Islamophobia  mixed-race 
10 hours ago by asterisk2a
Labour HQ used Facebook ads to deceive Jeremy Corbyn during election campaign | News | The Times
"Campaign chiefs at Labour HQ hoodwinked their own leader because they disapproved of some of Corbyn’s left-wing messages.

They convinced him they were following his campaign plans by spending just £5,000 on adverts solely designed to be seen by Corbyn, his aides and their favourite journalists, while pouring far more money into adverts with a different message for ordinary voters."

Absolutely nuts. I guess the fair way to prevent this kind of madness (without trying to rid the world of idiots) is to mandate that any advert you see on Facebook should come with details on how you match the targetting. That way you'd spot if someone bought an advert targetted just at you. That said, I can't believe Facebook even allow that kind of stuff to begin with, the potential for abuse is enourmous.
politics  crazy  labour  you-couldn't-make-it-up  corbyn  facebook  advertising  profiling  social  media 
12 hours ago by ssam
In open offices, workers chat 70% less, are less productive, and email more
"Employees at two Fortune 500 multinational companies saw face-to-face interaction time drop by about 70 percent, the use of email increase between 22 percent and 56 percent, and productivity slip after their traditional office spaces were converted to open floor plans—that is, ones without walls or cubicles that ostensibly create barriers to interaction. The findings, published recently in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, suggest that removing physical dividers may, in fact, make it harder for employers to foster collaboration and collective intelligence among their employees."
science  email  interaction  office  environment  offices  open  works  space  productivity  social  interactions  sociology  work 
2 days ago by jonerp
Unfollowing Everybody
Keeping in mind that spirit of doing necessary maintenance, I recently did something I'd thought about doing for years: I unfollowed everyone on Twitter.
twitter  social 
2 days ago by andyhuey

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