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Page 17 – Patient Empowerment Network
Infographic not specific to cancer or CAR-T but useful background on how patients approach getting treatment
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3 hours ago by csrollyson
Gnamma #5 - Some Lessons from Learning Gardens
"The Learning Gardens [ ] Slack, which has been, emergently, the "home" of the initiative, is shutting down in two months. This is a decision by me, Éd, and Morgane to encourage decentralization and distributed ownership of the idea. You could see whiffs of this coming in my earlier newsletter [ ].

The goal returns to the kernel of the initiative in the first place: encouraging people to make spaces to take on [learning] initiatives they believe in. A Slack may re-emerge, things may decentralize, circle around tools like and Twitter and Discord, one-off forums, group texts, email newsletters, IRL groups and meeting spaces. Or perhaps the whole thing will fizzle for a while until some future moment. We, the janitors, generally tried to keep our moderation and assertiveness minimal, but this represents a strong-armed push to catalyze something new.

With this change forthcoming, I'm asking myself, what have we learned over 2.5 years of Learning Gardens as a public concept?

If someone came to me today saying, "I want to start a group of people to study X together!" some of my first questions would be: Is X well-defined enough to rally a group behind it? If X is vague, is the group well-defined enough to organize? Do you have the bandwidth to deal with not only organizing "content" for the group, but also managing a social landscape or making the conditions such that it can self-manage?

Let me clarify: X here doesn't need to be a "topic." It can also be a "mode of organizing." The medium can be the message, here, and a lot of the value in Learning Gardens has been in bearing witness to a variety of organizational schemes. (But I do recommend either a well-defined topic, well-defined group of people, or well-defined structure!)

This comes as NO surprise to anyone who has run groups or shared spaces: good management takes a lot of energy. It takes either a lot of active management & conversation, or a lot of lead time to build a substrate of mutual trust such that self-management works. To keep people aligned in logistics, to keep momentum, to upkeep a value set that people connect with, to generate ideas of where to go next. If your group is one organized around discrete "events" (in-person meet-ups, skype-in conversations, workshops, publications, etc), it's important to remember that the bulk of the work happens around these things, too: in the preparation and post-facto follow-up. You, organizing, should prepare for this and think of it as a way to invite others to participate (rather than feeling like you need to take on the "extra-curricular" work by yourself).

Redundancy in information-sharing is necessary. I've learned this lesson repeatedly, given a general desire to be a bit terse in what I put up online. Oversharing is necessary to get the point across, to get people to see it twice, to get them to come back.

Online, even in a semi-closed gardens of the sort that Slack groups emerged to be, the line between "being there" and "not" is thin. We have a term for riding this line: "lurking." Lurking in its internet-native form can be quite positive. (If you "lurk" in real life spaces, you're creepy.) It allows for exploratory observations of new interests, for following along without the commitment of joining the room, for feeling a connection even when formal participation might be difficult or contentious.

Learning Gardens is about learning, however, and one thing I strongly believe is that you do not learn passively. I don't want LG to be a loose social space: there is enough of that already. I want LG to be about communities formed through action. Latent in my thoughts around the decision to retire the Slack is the desire to see people turn a lurking tendency into an organizing (or participating) one. Trust is necessary for the vulnerability and confidence that breeds effective learning experiences, and trust is easiest to build when you know who else is in the room.

Thanks to everyone who has made the Slack interesting and dynamic over these years. I am looking forward to what is next! Please drop me a line if you are in the Bay Area."
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3 hours ago by robertogreco
Tailwind: Pinterest & Instagram Scheduler, Analytics & Marketing Tool
Save time scheduling to Pinterest and Instagram, post at the best times for engagement, grow together with Tribes, get more actionable analytics. Start free!
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8 hours ago by kpieper876
Social media listening: Your launchpad to success on social
Built to help today’s smartest social businesses put their consumers at the center of their strategic approach. Drive strategic decision making across the business with access to rich social data and analytics.
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9 hours ago by williger
The 7 Best WordPress Popup Plugins – (Winter 2019 Review)
Popups are a controversial topic, to say the least. Are they effective? Are they annoying? Do they work? Truthfully, the answer depends on who you ask.
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9 hours ago by williger
I'm a Marketer & I Don't Want Your Email Address
They also allow the buyer to remain anonymous. Not only can prospective buyers get their answer immediately when they chat on our websites, via human or bot, but they can also do so without having to share their name or email address.
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9 hours ago by williger
"Exploring the Toxic Myth of Fearless… Anything" [Creator's Block, Ep. 101]
Last week our VP of Services, Brie Rangel, wrote an awesome article called “The Toxic Myth of "Fearless" Leadership”. (Which, if you haven’t read it yet, you totally should.)
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9 hours ago by williger
Social Explorer
Gain deep insights into any area of interest - down to a city block, with stunning visualizations and built-in data. Reinforce your decisions with reliable and accurate location data.

Create Account
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9 hours ago by twwoodward
From freelance writer to six-figure BBQ blogger and a Guinness Record with Susie Bulloch of Hey Grill Hey (FTF 6.4)
For this episode, you’re gonna get a huge helping of inspiration and let us tell you… your mouth will water as well. We’ll learn more about how Susie Bulloch kicked off what has become a major shift for the Bulloch family, financially – but equally so, how they raised their children.
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10 hours ago by williger
6 Digital Marketing Trends for 2019 and How to Adopt Them | Convince and Convert: Social Media Consulting and Content Marketing Consulting
While the way that businesses have used marketing campaigns over the years has changed, the reasons have not. Every business wants to reach their ideal customer just when that customer needs it.
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10 hours ago by williger
4 Ways to Build Transparency as a Leader
Trust and transparency are fundamental to business success. A recent survey by Ernst & Young found that less than half of global professionals trust their employer, boss, team or colleagues.
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12 hours ago by williger
What the AI-Delivered Buyer’s Journey Will Look Like in 2030 | Marketo
It’s a new year, and you know what that means: new annual predictions. ‘Tis the season for companies to publish their thoughts and plans for 2019, including us. And we’re betting on big changes, like the growing importance of the customer experience and artificial intelligence (AI).
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12 hours ago by williger
Twitter vs. Facebook: Which Platform Should Your Business Be On?
When you begin implementing a social media strategy for your business, one of the first questions you'll ask yourself is this one -- Should my business be on Twitter, or Facebook?
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13 hours ago by williger
The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Advertising
In 2018, the advertising duopoly of Google and Facebook seemed to dominate the market once again, owning 37% and 20% of the pie, respectively, while Amazon owned a measly 7%. However, if you dig a little deeper into the numbers, Amazon isn’t actually the third wheel in this equation.
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13 hours ago by williger

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