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Resources for decentralised organising
Examples of decentralised organisations that have a public, transparent, well-documented handbook that explains how they work (e.g. decision making, roles, communications tools, etc).
decentralisation  Organization  politics  anarchism  libertarian_socialism  socialism  equality 
3 days ago by deejbah
Rosa Luxemberg 100 years on… – Mosquito Ridge – Medium
Capitalism destroys itself, colonises its external environment and destroys the planet. To survive it must constantly impose market logic on the non-capitalist, human-centred parts of the economy

This inner tendency leads towards barbaric outcomes unless we stop it — and we are surrounded by those outcomes: genocide, war, torture, surveillance, control, misogyny, racism…

Those who will overthrow capitalism are the people who cannot live with the barbarism. They do not need a deus ex machina, a manipulative Leninist party, to realise what’s wrong: they can work it out for themselves. The task of the organisation is to focus their energy and free it from the strictures and controls capitalism teaches them to impose upon themselves.
LuxemburgRosa  capitalism  exploitation  socialFactory  autonomism  socialism  barbarism  revolution  politics  dctagged  dc:creator=MasonPaul 
4 days ago by petej
YouTube -- Rebel Media: LEAKED: Google Staffers Condemn “Family” as “Homophobic” Word | Amanda Head
'This has been a long time coming: For years now, jurisdictions around the world have been phasing out words like “mother” and “father” from government documents like birth certificates, in the name of being “progressive.”'
rkselectiontheory  family  conservatism  socialism  threatnarrative 
4 days ago by adamcrowe
R.I.P., Elite White Feminism > Liza Featherstone 18 January 2019
This month two socialists were sworn in to Congress: Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of the Bronx. There are now 131 women in Congress, more than ever before, many of them progressive women of color. In this article, Liza Featherstone argues that this offers hope that we can break free of the tired feminism vs. socialism debate that dominated the 2016 presidential primary.
Socialism  Feminism  AlexandriaOcasio-Cortez 
5 days ago by juandante
The Fatal Allure of Single Payer | Hoover Institution
The ardent pleas of Bernie Sanders won’t make a socialist system work.
healthcare  policy  america  socialism  rebuttals 
5 days ago by Kjaleshire
Russian Revolution, 100 Years On: Its Enduring Allure & Menace | National Review
Communism’s legacy of violence and discredit ideas remain a political force 100 years after the Russian revolution.
russia  socialism  modern-era 
5 days ago by Kjaleshire
How Medicare For All Could Become the Leading Cause of Death In America - Foundation for Economic Education
Medicare for All is more a political talking point than a medical solution to improve the overall health outcomes of Americans.
policy  america  studies  healthcare  socialism 
5 days ago by Kjaleshire
George Bernard Shaw Was so Enamored with Socialism He Advocated Genocide to Advance It - Foundation for Economic Education
Shaw argued that the dictator was forced to organize mass executions to keep the country safe from “exploiters and speculators.” Mass murders were also necessary to maintain a competent workforce.
socialism  politics  authors  modern-era 
5 days ago by Kjaleshire
The Left Case Against the EU (1/2)
Bitter reflections on Greece’s capitulation to EU institutions argues no evolution is possible, they are too brittle
greece  europe  union  euro  analysis  pointofview  negotiation  history  Q1  2019  uk  brexit  grexit  ruling  class  elite  socialism  ecb  bank  control  democracy 
6 days ago by csrollyson

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