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This Is a Bully’s Language – Marcel Slimjim – Medium
I’m 24, and I’m lucky because none of my friends have died. This should not be something anyone has to say, but here we are. Not everyone I know is as fortunate as I am. It’s not every couple months…
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7 hours ago by thejaymo
Imagine evolving beyond the false binaries of and . can help us recognize that ca…
socialism  capitalism  Innovation  from twitter_favs
18 hours ago by rukku
(9098) Did the Sokal affair "destroy postmodernism"? - YouTube
"society of the spectacle" - The Society of the Spectacle is a 1967 work of philosophy and Marxist critical theory by Guy Debord, in which the author develops and presents the concept of the Spectacle. The book is considered a seminal text for the Situationist movement. // Mass media and commodity fetishism - Comparison between religion and marketing --- In his analysis of the spectacular society, Debord notes that the quality of life is impoverished,[6] with such a lack of authenticity that human perceptions are affected, and an attendant degradation of knowledge, which in turn hinders critical thought.[7] Debord analyzes the use of knowledge to assuage reality: the spectacle obfuscates the past, imploding it with the future into an undifferentiated mass, a type of never-ending present; in this way the spectacle prevents individuals from realizing that the society of spectacle is only a moment in history, one that can be overturned through revolution.[8][9] << see by Byung-chul han - Psycho politics and the tired exhausted depressed worker who can't imagine getting up for a revolution. thus votes brexit and trump. where am I getting my pizza if we have a revolution?
Sociology  Philosophy  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  Brexit  book  Social  Media  Consumerism  Capitalism  Status  Anxiety  Individualism  Marx  Socialism  equality  poverty  trap  working  poor  rat  race 
2 days ago by asterisk2a
Is socialism to blame for the crisis in Venezuela? Why or why not? : NeutralPolitics
> I would argue that framed this way, yes, socialism was a necessary component of the economic failure in Venezuela. If socialism were not instituted, the economy might still have failed due to corruption, but the type of failure would have been so different that it would be wholly unlike what is happening there now, and we wouldn't be able to predict exactly what it would look like. Maybe something like Russia or China where corrupt officials loot a nominally free market system at will, but theres no way to know for sure.

The reason I say this is that the total lack of production by factories and collapse of the economy could not have happened in a laissez faire capitalist system. In a free market, shortages of goods would cause prices to rise. Rising prices increases incentive for importers to bring more goods into the country and for manufacturers to produce more or produce substitute goods. Those same factories now have an incentive to hire more workers and consume more labor in order to meet the rising demand. While many might not be able to afford the goods at raised prices, the economy would at least continue to function. Stores would be stocked with goods, even if the prices were not affordable to some citizens.
politics  2018  venezuela  socialism  government  capitalism  economics 
3 days ago by porejide
First, Let’s Fire All the Managers | Harvard Business Review
A company as red as the tomatoes they process. And they still make money. It can be done.
capitalism  socialism  handwringingLeftyGuardianistasFTW  economy  economics  work 
7 days ago by gominokouhai
Anonymous Conservative -- College Course Says Objectivity And Meritocracy Are White Mythology
'...Notice that the leftist’s need to adapt their perception of reality to assuage their amygdala is so great, they will maintain that there is no truth. Believing there is no truth is a cognitive hack they use to make their brain function in a world on its way toward K, where truth is just becoming visible. Their need to assuage that amygdala is so great that whatever they assert to assuage their amygdala must be just as right as any other reality. This hack will work until the world goes full K, at which point their brain with either reprogram itself to operate in a K mode or they will die. -- Notice also the rebellion against meritocracy. The extreme left is literally not capable of processing the idea of a world where ability affects outcome. They are just hedonistic machines, designed to expect to be able to advance into any hedonism they can perceive, absent any ability of anyone else to constrain them in any way. Again, they are robots designed to function effortless in the r-environment. And K will kill them. It is that simple. -- r/K is not just about ideology, but about a deep programming of the brain, that affects the organism’s entire perception of the very fabric of reality. I want to say these clowns are stupid, or they are lying, or they are mentally ill. But the reality is they are simply expressing their innate, rabbity, r-selected programming. -- And when it comes to exploiting the glut, they are perfectly designed. It just happens that when it comes to consuming all the resources in a civilization, locust-like, and reducing everything to ruin, they happen to be perfect for that as well.'
rkselectiontheory  envy  socialism  marxism  postmodernism 
9 days ago by adamcrowe
Grrr Graphics/Ben Garrison -- Bernie's Graveyard Song
'...Nearly half of the millennial generation sees socialism as a desirable form of government. While disconcerting, it should come as no surprise since socialism is heavily pushed at indoctrination centers known as universities. -- Bernie wants the government to control all aspects of American lives under the guise of ‘helping’ them. He wants free health care for all, free college education, free housing and higher wages for all. Nothing is free and what he wants comes at a very dear cost: Our freedom. -- Bernie represents nothing new. He stands for an ideology that badly failed over much of the 20th Century. Communism always breaks the link between effort and reward. It has repeatedly destroyed economies. By means of war, starvation and gulags, communism has caused the death of over 100 million people. Supporting Bernie is equivalent to walking on their graves.'
statism  socialism  communism  usefulidiot 
9 days ago by adamcrowe
YouTube -- Jordan B. Peterson: Enlightenment Now: Steven Pinker/JB Peterson
"Liberal/Left types are characterised by high trait openness and lower conscientiousness, and then Conservatives the reverse. That puts the Liberal/Left types in the creative/entrepreneurial domain because that's characterised by high trait openness, and it puts the Conservative types in the managerial and administrative domain. And so that implies the Liberal/Left types create new ideas and new entrepreneurial enterprises whereas the Conservative types administer and manage those enterprises. And so each needs the other. So there's that nice polarity dynamic. And there's also the reason that openness and conscientiousness unite to predict political behaviour is because of borders. Open people like the borders between concepts to be fluid so that there's information exchange. And they're not orderly, the Liberal types, because they're not conscientiousness and so they don't see utility in keeping thing categorically distinct. Whereas the Conservatives are afraid of the contamination of things because of the movement of information... So the reason that openness and conscientiousness stack together as predictors of political behaviour seems to be because of two fundamentally different attitudes towards borders, all the way from the conceptual to the political. The Right-Wingers think borders are good because that stops contamination, and contamination is a real problem – a deathly problem, often. And the Liberal types want as much information to flow as possible. And both of those perspectives are valid and need to be discussed. Orderliness, which is part of conscientiousness which predicts Conservatism, is related to disgust sensitivity, and so that feeds that desire to maintain borders so there's no cross contamination." -- "Those temperamental differences are like axiomatic values..."
rkselectiontheory  ideology  politics  socialism  conservatism  disgust  personality 
9 days ago by adamcrowe
The Stifling Uniformity of Literary Theory - Quillette
In this article, I will argue that this unwillingness to engage with the ‘other side’ is not only endemic in the radical intellectual schools that have overtaken literary studies, but also that it is symptomatic of their entire way of thinking which, being hermetically sealed and basically circular in its argumentation, has no language to deal with critics beyond reactive moral condemnation.
socialism  politics  psychology  education 
13 days ago by pankkake

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