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When it comes to marketing a brand over , there tends to be three types of people; ‘The Enthusiast’, ‘T…
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Dan Cohen: "There has been a recent movement to 're-decentralize' the web, returning our activities to sites like this one. I am unsurprisingly sympathetic to this as an idealist, and this post is my commitment to renew that ideal. I plan to write more here from now on. However, I’m also a pragmatist, and I feel the re-decentralizers have underestimated what they are up against, which is partially about technology but mostly about human nature."
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The case against Facebook
Matthew Yglesias, on Vox: "Not only is the product bad, but the company is in a deep state of denial about it. Mark Zuckerberg and other top leaders believe they are making the world a better place. The labor market for the kind of talented engineers that Facebook needs to hire is robust enough that you can’t compete on the basis of money alone — they need to believe that Facebook is a decent, honorable place to work. But in fact, Facebook is bad. And it probably can’t be fixed."
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Headlines making you anxious? Delay reading them | Life and style | The Guardian
Oliver Burkeman, writing in the Guardian: "The passage of time is the best filter for determining what matters. But being late is the one thing no social network, or modern news organisation, can afford. You can afford it, though."
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“We Were Content Then, And Young,” by Daniel Shannon for Postlight’s Track Changes
I’ve been told this is a dark reading; I submit that it is also a necessary one. If we go on treating the dank and dangerous subbasements of Internet platforms as though they were negative externalities of the platforms’ construction rather than constituent parts of their foundation, we absolve their creators — and their users — of moral responsibility for their condition. And all the hearings in all the subcommittees in all the parliamentary bodies in all the world won’t fix a problem no one is willing to genuinely own.
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Everything You Need to Know to Make BIG MONEY as an on
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