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The Prisoner 001 (2018) | View Comic
Yes folks, it's a modern sequel/revival! (Although I think they have the chessboard in the wrong part of the Village, but perhaps they've relandscaped the lawn in the 52 years since we last saw it.) It's being released one episode per month, with #2 already available. Be seeing you.
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3 hours ago by gominokouhai
What if we have to work until we're 100?
Retirement is becoming more and more expensive – and future generations may have to abandon the idea altogether. So what kinds of jobs will we do when we’re old and grey? Will we be well enough to work? And will anyone want to employ us?
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6 hours ago by terry


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18 hours ago by incep
NYTimes: The Lesson of the Château de Calberte
We think that a fight for justice won is won once and for all. But the same battles, particularly in the social sphere, are fought over and over. In America the battles for social progress from the 1930s through the 1960s are being refought today. I worry that, as at the Château de Calberte at the end of the 14th century, we have lost the knowledge of how to construct our defenses — political and social — and we may be too weak to withstand the current assault.
22 hours ago by dpb
Cory Doctorow: Zuck’s Empire of Oily Rags – Locus Online
But while the acknowledgment of the problem of Big Tech is most welcome, I am worried that the diagnosis is wrong.

The problem is that we’re confusing automated persuasion with automated targeting. Laughable lies about Brexit, Mexican rapists, and creeping Sharia law didn’t convince otherwise sensible people that up was down and the sky was green.

Rather, the sophisticated targeting systems available through Facebook, Google, Twitter, and other Big Tech ad platforms made it easy to find the racist, xenophobic, fearful, angry people who wanted to believe that foreigners were destroying their country while being bankrolled by George Soros.
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yesterday by Weaverbird
Why bad technology dominates our lives, according to Don Norman
We have unwittingly accepted the paradigm that technology comes first, with people relegated to doing the actions that the machines cannot do. This requires people to act like machines, ever ready to take over when things go wrong.
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yesterday by sieyin
Tanmay Bakshi, asesor de IBM de 14 años: "Debería ser obligatorio aprender programación desde edades jóvenes"
La Inteligencia Artificial y las tecnologías relacionadas se han convertido en un aspecto fundamental de nuestras vidas, al que accedemos cada vez a edades más tempranas. Con tan sólo 14 años, el experto canadiense Tanmay Bakshi ha colaborado con empresas como Apple e IBM en el desarrollo de estas herramientas.
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yesterday by sieyin

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