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The Only Thing That's Curbed Inequality: Catastrophe - The Atlantic
“violent turmoil sometimes destroyed states altogether, taking the rich and powerful down with them. While everyone stood to suffer in times of collapse, the richest simply had more to lose.”
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4 hours ago by olivierthereaux
Brett Kavanaugh allegations and male bonding. 
> The awful things Kavanaugh allegedly did only imperfectly correlate to the familiar frame of sexual desire run amok; they appear to more easily fit into a different category—a toxic homosociality—that involves males wooing other males over the comedy of being cruel to women.
> ...
> A man who runs on external approval runs into problems quickly.
> ...
> Kavanaugh’s admitted virginity shows how empty these rumors about Renate were. Whatever stories they circulated about her sexual behavior weren’t actually about her; to them she was less a person than a token you claim to gain status with your bros.
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13 hours ago by nsfmc
Saving liberal democracy from the extremes | Financial Times
Elites must recognise that mismanaged economies have helped to destabilise politics
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23 hours ago by robward
Missing Link: Von Tahrir zu Trump | heise online
Wie konnten digitale Technologien zu Waffen gegen die Demokratie werden? Um das zu verstehen, muss man über die reine Technik hinausschauen.
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RT : Getting prepared for the 5th lecture /w ! Stephen Graham is Prof. of & at…
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