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What can we learn from data analysis failures? · Simply Statistics
"I think the data analytic lesson learned from the Duke Saga is that data analysts need to be allowed to say “stop”. But also, the ability to do so depends critically on the relationships between the analyst and members of the investigator team. If an analyst feels uncomfortable raising analytic issues with other members, then arguably all analyses done by the team are at risk. No amount of statistical expertise or tooling can fix this fundamental human problem."
science  statistics  sociology 
16 hours ago by arsyed
Why The Other Side Won’t Listen to Reason
Good stuff. “We make moral conclusions freely, immediately, and without self-scrutiny, recruiting as much emotional tilt as possible. We dismiss counterpoints reflexively, as though it’s dangerous to even consider changing our minds. We only rarely admit that an issue is too opaque or complex to be sure what to think. Why are we so smart and careful when it comes to figuring things out in most areas of inquiry, and so dumb and impulsive when it comes to moral questions, which are supposedly the most important ones to get right?"
politics  reason  debate  morality  morals  sociology 
2 days ago by alexpriest
EJI's lynching memorial: If not Montgomery, where?
National Memorial for Peace and Justice and the Legacy Museum opens April 26th
race  history  sociology 
3 days ago by oripsolob

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