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'Nobody Cares Who Was First, and Nobody Cares Who Copied Who': Marco Arment on Defending Your App From Copies and Clones - Slashdot
Marco Arment: App developers sometimes ask me what they should do when their features, designs, or entire apps are copied by competitors. Legally, there's not a lot you can do about it: Copyright protects your icon, images, other creative resources, and source code. You automatically have copyright ...
copyright  software  business 
52 minutes ago by basemaly
C64.COM - To Protect and Preserve
C64.COM is a C64 site dedicated to just about everything that is connected to the Commodore 64 (C64). Get your favourite games and demos here!
retro  games  software 
2 hours ago by jbmorley
frivpn — A multi-threaded OpenVPN client (WIP)
With Raspberry Pis, ODROIDs and APUs becoming ubiquitous and cheap devices, they are often used and configured as VPN gateways to the Internet. OpenVPN can't use those devices to their full capacity, since it runs single-threaded and quickly maxes out one CPU core due to the lack of hardware-accelerated AES cryptography.
software  open-source  network  vpn 
3 hours ago by mikael
This code repository contains an implementation of our fast photorealistic style transfer algorithm. Given a content photo and a style photo, the code can transfer the style of the style photo to the content photo. The details of the algorithm behind the code is documented in our arxiv paper. Please cite the paper if this code repository is used in your publications.
software  open-source  graphics  photography 
3 hours ago by mikael
Facebox detects and identifies faces in photos. You can teach facebox with as little as one sample image. [ ]
software  ai  javascript  face  open-source  webdev 
3 hours ago by mikael
PRLog Press Releases - Anand Software
The link provides various press releases submitted on over the past 10 years. The products include ccna, ccent, comptia a+, network+, pmp, and others.
anand  software  anandsoft 
4 hours ago by anandsoft
Anand Software Press Release Room
The link provides Anand Software and Training Pvt. Ltd. press releases pertaining to various key developments on companies products and services.
anand  software 
4 hours ago by anandsoft
What is Apple Up to With Claris Shake-up?
As Claris Corp., Apple Computer's software subsidiary, announced a major restructuring on Tuesday that will leave but two products in the company's catalog, a new name over the door and 300 people looking for work, analysts admitted befuddlement.
It "doesn't seem to be too much of an advantage," said Chris Le Tocq, an analyst at Dataquest, as he considered the prospect of Apple absorbing on 1 February the ClarisWorks product line as well as Apple-branded software like Mac OS 8. "It'd probably eliminate some redundancy and operating expenses between the two divisions; but it probably wouldn't do a whole lot else, and it might actually hurt Claris' position to be closer to Apple."
But Claris president Dominique Goupil defended the plan to rename the company FileMaker Inc., and focus exclusively on production of FileMaker Pro database software and the HomePage Web site development package. "As FileMaker Inc., we can now focus all our energies on our very successful FileMaker business," he said in a statement. "We are totally committed to growing this business dramatically during the coming year."
FileMaker Pro is the most popular database software for the Macintosh, according to Apple, and the second most popular stand-alone database software for Windows. Sales reached US$73 million in fiscal 1997, as the volume shipped of the Windows versions tripled over the past two years.
Calling the change "not so much a financially driven decision [as] a strategically driven decision," Apple chief financial officer Fred Anderson said the restructuring will allow FileMaker Inc., to focus on its leading software product, and Apple to handle marketing and distribution of key products from the Claris line.
"Certainly Claris has done a good job of selling the Apple software, but it's of a size now that we feel it's important to integrate it and leverage our sales force going forward for strategic reasons," said Anderson. "It's the same thing regarding ClarisWorks; we feel it's very strategic to our educational marketplace, and basically we have a direct sales force that's calling on the education customers, so why shouldn't they sell the hardware and the software?"
The restructuring means laying off approximately 300 Claris employees, mostly in sales and marketing as well as ClarisWorks development. Anderson noted that the changes announced today are part of ongoing restructuring at Apple that began last March, and thus should not affect the company’s financial prospects.
storia  history  apple  software  mac  macintosh  spunti  sda  soa 
4 hours ago by nicoladagostino
A Brief History of ClarisWorks (As seen by Bob Hearn)
This page is about the history of ClarisWorks (later called AppleWorks). ClarisWorks was one of the most popular Macintosh programs of all time, with over 20 million active users at one point. […] There seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding the relationship of the various programs named AppleWorks and ClarisWorks. This is not helped by the fact that Apple renamed ClarisWorks to AppleWorks a couple of years ago. In fact, there have been three completely different programs known as AppleWorks. This history is not about the first one, which was a text-based program for the Apple II. People also seem to confuse Claris the company and ClarisWorks the program. In fact, Claris was around long before ClarisWorks, as explained [in the post].
mac  apple  macintosh  history  spunti  sda  soa  software  beos  next 
4 hours ago by nicoladagostino
Tutorial No.QT01 - Applescripts For Apple Photos
If you want to export from Apple Photos, you need script 11
applephotos  apple  photography  software  applescript 
5 hours ago by rubenerd - The Open Source Discovery Service
Libraries helps you find new open source libraries, modules and frameworks and keep track of ones you depend upon.
library  software 
5 hours ago by codeyard

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