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Only optimist win wars. You might not be a or , but you are the…
president  commander  general  soldier  sergeant  from twitter
november 2019 by SolomonCroesus
Pin on Sheath holster
From Pinterest: EDC Belt Sleeve by Readyman via Soldier Systems
ifttt  pinterest  EDC  Belt  Sleeve  by  Readyman  via  Soldier  Systems 
october 2019 by errehache
MTSI Announces Rapid Aerial Extraction System – Modern Technology Solutions, Inc.
Kinda like those old missionary aerial postal mail pickup tricks doing a pylon turn, but, uh, getting dragged into the sky and towed externally until some dropoff point where they parachute back down seems, skeezy, and potentially very cold...
military  downed  aircrew  recovery  rapid  soldier  pilot  extraction 
july 2019 by asteroza

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