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This is what it's like to drink sole every day | Well+Good
Well+Good Council member Sophia Ruan Gushee reports on the five key benefits that she saw when incorporating sole or salt water into her daily routine
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6 days ago by johnkyle
Soling - ShoemakerSharon
The soling on moccasins can be glued on or sewn on. It is primarily the material the touches the ground, but also can include a 'cushion' between you and the soling. Conveyor Belt - Sewn on soling, made of actual conveyor belting. Very durable. Also known as 'barefoot without pain'. Can be like velcro in that it picks up stuff. The original designers of this style moccasin used conveyor belt soling. It is usually a rusty orange color, although sometimes we have other colors available. Vibram - A company that makes a wide variety of soling. Most of the soling we use is made by Vibram. Spikeless Golf - A very durable Vibram soling, dense, good traction, long wearing, glued on. Olivia - A soft Vibram sheet soling, good traction, lasts one to three years, not appropriate for folks of larger size or hard walkers. NewFlex - A thicker Vibram soling of medium density, comfortable, good traction, nice if you want the cushion without adding a cushi midsole. Kletterlift - The traditional 'hiking boot' sole, or what some folks call a 'vibram' sole (made by Vibram). Very dense, great traction, aggressive (where you put your foot your foot stays), not necessarily for dancing if you like to move your feet, years of wear. We do suggest that you also have a layer of thin cushi midsole with the Kletterlift, as the density makes it a hard surface to walk on. Cushi - This is a layer that is glued in between the boot and the soling. It is meant to cushion your knees and hips, great if you have issues, or if you are a 'hard' walker. It comes in a variety of thickness'. I primarily use the 1/4 inch and the 3/8 inch, also known in my world as 'thin' or 'thick' cushi.
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29 days ago by rdump
How to register a sole proprietorship firm in India
learn how you can register your own proprietorship firm in India including the information, documents required and complete process with expert help.
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march 2018 by shankyrungta
Classes of depreciable property -
These are the kinds of things that depreciate that you need to write off over time (and not entirely within a year) for your taxes.

For quick reference: as of 2017 tax year (2018 filing year) computers were in class 10 (30%) and software in class 12 (100%)
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february 2018 by racl101

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