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Opinion | What Kind of Problem Is Climate Change? - The New York Times
"PPE" putting Philosophy, Political Science, and Economics together to examine "Public Goods" and how to escape the prisoner's dilemma.

But, it's all up to the scientists??
climate  attitudes  solutions 
21 days ago by paulmr
How to edit the default places and defaults bookmarks in Mate panel and Caja side panel - Tips, Tricks and Tutorials / Tips & Tricks - Ubuntu MATE Community
Many of you will know how to add new custom places to your Places menu on the panel and bookmarks in your Caja side panel. But, if you don't, then a simple way is to navigate, via Caja, to a given folder and then press C…
4 weeks ago by oldtowneast
allen505 comments on I can't install anything because of this error.
You should try `aptitude`. Almost every time I've got an error using `apt-get`, I've replaced it with `aptitude` and it has...
4 weeks ago by oldtowneast

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