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I Tried Soylent. It Didn’t Go Well. – The Everywhereist
It’s a drinkable meal replacement created by computer developers with absolutely zero background in nutrition or culinary sciences. According to the company’s own website, this was the moment of inspiration that led the founders to create Soylent:

Living off a diet of frozen corn dogs and ramen, they grew frustrated with the effort and cost associated with purchasing, preparing, and consuming food that was neither healthy nor enjoyable.

Now, you can understand why I was slightly concerned about ingesting something developed by guys who felt that the prep work for corn dogs and ramen was too much for them. Also, please explain to me how much time and effort is possibly spent purchasing those food items. You can literally buy them at a gas station.
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6 days ago by Brandonshire
I Tried Soylent. It Didn’t Go Well. – The Everywhereist

In the end, it came down to two simple questions:
Do I enjoy having my butt turned into a poop geyser that I’ve affectionately nicknamed Old Squirtful? No.
But is it worth it for the convenience of not having to chew? Also no.
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7 days ago by jefframnani
I Tried Soylent. It Didn’t Go Well.
Last week, I decided to try Soylent.For those unfamiliar with this "food" product, Soylent is a high-protein drink designed to appeal to lifehackers, dieters, and doomsday cult members who are may
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29 days ago by ollyg
Could you stomach Huel, the food of the future? | Science | The Guardian
It’s called Huel, a ‘human fuel’ designed to replace nature’s version in a hi-tech, fuss-free, nutritionally balanced powder form. We tried it out…
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