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Beauty and Spa News Feed Banner Designs - HYOV
Purchase this set of 10 Facebook covers and news feed images to advertise your spa and beauty services and products! With our beauty and spa banner designs you’ll be able to emphasize your business’ ability to help customers relax and unwind, prominently on your page. Use beauty news feed banners to increase conversions for your business.
beauty  news  feed  banners  &  spa  banner  designs 
yesterday by ArjunDoto
Retiring the Microsoft.AspNetCore.SpaTemplates package (Aurelia/Knockout/Vue templates) · Issue #289 · aspnet/Announcements · GitHub
The Microsoft.AspNetCore.SpaTemplates package never shipped in the .NET Core SDK, and never reached an official level of support. The ASP.NET team's development resources are finite, and we think we can deliver more valuable features to ASP.NET developers by focusing elsewhere.

I know this will be irritating to some people, especially those who have worked on PRs for the Aurelia/Knockout/Vue templates. I'm sorry about that! I hope you can understand that our goal is to offer the overall maximum benefit for ASP.NET developers based on the resources available.

Discussion for this issue is at [aspnet/JavaScriptServices#1522](
GitHub  dotnet  SPA  template  Knockout  VueJS 
3 days ago by coffeebucket
Get access to pools, spas and other amenities at resorts, even if you aren't staying there.
travel  spa  pool  resorts 
5 days ago by jondavis
Vue.js製のフロントエンド開発フレームワークである Nuxt.js がついに v1.0 のリリースを迎えました。SPA開発とSSR + SPAの開発両方を全面的にサポートしており、PWA対応などもプラグイン一つでできる上、ルーティングの自動生成やVuexストアのオートロードも可能と非常に強力なフレームワークとなっております。本格的なSPA開発を開始するときは、まずは Nuxt.js の利用を検討すると良いでしょう。
nuxt.js  vue.js  javascript  spa 
5 days ago by nsasaki
Sapper • Military-grade progressive web apps, powered by Svelte
Beautiful development experience, inspired by Next.js. Declarative routing, hot-module replacement, scoped styles
Ridiculous performance. Svelte compiles your components down to tiny, blazing fast JavaScript modules
Modern best practices baked in. Code-splitting, server-side rendering, offline support
javascript  framework  spa 
12 days ago by cothrun
Server Side Templates vs REST API and Javascript Front-End — Nick Janetakis
A better user experience is the main reason why I prefer using server side templates instead of just client side rendering.
architecture  rest  javascript  spa 
13 days ago by aghecht

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