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Help! None of my projects want to be SPAs | Jason Goldstein
This feels really familiar. I roughly agree with a lot of it (I miss straight up server-side MVC, the reactive pattern is a winner, React makes a lot of sense for PWAs, I feel old). But it's well written and covers some good ground.
design  softwaredevelopment  software  engineering  react  spa  pwa 
20 hours ago by infovore
You probably don’t need a single-page application
Ignore the clickbait headline. This is a really solid breakdown of the cases where SPAs make sense, and where a more traditional (or hybrid) architecture would be a better choice.
frontend  spa  web  apis 
23 hours ago by jacobian
Help! None of my projects want to be SPAs | Jason Goldstein
Gold! "My strategy for dealing with the absurd pace of change in web development has been as follows: ignore 99% of it and see if it goes away."
web  development  react  spa  application  javascript 
6 days ago by rwintle
Accessible Page Navigation in Single Page Apps
Single Page Apps are a bit different. Since we’re not relying on the native page load functionality, we’re now in the tricky business of managing focus ourselves. But don’t fret, there are essentially two solutions to help non-sighted or keyboard-only users get to where they’re going: 1) Emulate a native page load and move focus to the top of the document. 2) Move Focus on the content (heading or possibly form control).
fridayfrontend  accessibility  navigation  focus  spa  react  javascript 
13 days ago by spaceninja
Resilient Web Design—Chapter 6
fantastic implementation of an ebook as webpages!
ebook  spa 
15 days ago by mikes

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