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Spanish Civil War: In new setback to Franco reburial, religious leader denies access to tomb | In English | EL PAÍS
Spanish government says it will forge ahead with plans to take the late dictator out of the Valley of the Fallen despite opposition from his family - N.B. Less than 30 percent of Madrid’s garbage is being recycled.
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Spain brings up the bodies – POLITICO
Seven families lead an exhumation of the country’s fascist past.
newspaper  magazine  politics  religion  catholic  church  fascism  madrid  spain 
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Are we city dwellers or hunter-gatherers? | New Humanist
"One can imagine overthrowing capitalism or breaking the power of the state, but it’s very difficult to imagine eliminating “inequality”. In fact, it’s not obvious what doing so would even mean, since people are not all the same and nobody would particularly want them to be."


"Most of the Palaeolithic sites discussed so far are associated with evidence for annual or biennial periods of aggregation, linked to the migrations of game herds – whether woolly mammoth, steppe bison, reindeer or (in the case of Göbekli Tepe) gazelle – as well as cyclical fish-runs and nut harvests. At less favourable times of year, at least some of our Ice Age ancestors no doubt really did live and forage in tiny bands. But there is overwhelming evidence to show that at others they congregated en masse within the kind of “micro-cities” found at Dolní Věstonice, in the Moravian basin south of Brno, Czech Republic, feasting on a superabundance of wild resources, engaging in complex rituals and ambitious artistic enterprises, and trading minerals, marine shells and animal pelts over striking distances. Western European equivalents of these seasonal aggregation sites would be the great rock shelters of the French Périgord and Spain’s Cantabrian coast, with their famous paintings and carvings, which similarly formed part of an annual round of congregation and dispersal."


"The pieces are all there to create an entirely different world history. For the most part, we’re just too blinded by our prejudices to see the implications. For instance, almost everyone nowadays insists that participatory democracy, or social equality, can work in a small community or activist group, but cannot possibly “scale up” to anything like a city, a region or a nation-state. But the evidence before our eyes, if we choose to look at it, suggests the opposite. Egalitarian cities, even regional confederacies, are historically quite commonplace. Egalitarian families and households are not."
equality  philosophy  history  people  life  civilisation  world  europe  spain 
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Spain Closes 2018 With Record Electric Car Sales In December
Spain almost reached 1% EV market share in 2018 and December reveals the potential for over 2%
Spain shows some really strong EV sales numbers these days.

In December, plug-in electric car sales hit a new record of 2,256, which is 126% more than a year ago. The market share increased to a new high of 2.3%.

For 2018, sales increased by 56% to 11,639 at an average market share of 0.9%.
Spain  EV  cars  sales 
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The exciting discounts on high-speed train tickets for travel in will be available until the end of the mont…
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