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Spain wants 100% renewable electricity by 2050 as part of climate change strategy – pv magazine International
The Law on Climatic Change being prepared by the Spanish government provides greenhouse gas emissions be reduced by 20% compared to 1990 levels in 2030, and that the electric system has 70% generation from renewable energy sources. By 2050, the targets will be raised to 90% and 100%, respectively.
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5 hours ago by nelag
The Best Barcelona Travel Tips From Our Readers
Before you get on the elevator up the Sagrada Familia, you should know: the only way down is the stairs. This week on Hack Your City, we got your tips on Barcelona, capital of Catalonia, Spain. There’s some disagreement over just how tourist-friendly the area is; like many popular destinations, there’s some pushback from the locals. So behave respectfully and learn some phrases in Catalan (not Spanish)—speaking the language charms locals everywhere. Now let’s look at the best tips of...
lifehacker  travel  spain  europe 
15 hours ago by kger
This Spanish data-driven news site thinks its work goes past publishing stories — to lobbying the government and writing laws » Nieman Journalism Lab
Civio’s managing editor, has shown up at Spanish legislators’ offices with 100-page proposed amendments in tow. Some of her legislative language has made it into Spanish law. After reporting extensively on the procurement process, Belmonte became Civio’s main outreach to government officials.
CIvio doesn’t lobby on every issue it reports on. But if its reporting shows that the government is standing in the way of transparency or accountability, it’s not afraid to take a stand.
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5 days ago by paulbradshaw

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