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quinto/specter.cljs at master · jrheard/quinto
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may 2018 by mac
Martha Mitchell article (part 1)
Martha Mitchell article (part 1)
Why Was Martha Mitchell Kidnapped?
part I
by Mae Brussell, from The Realist August 1972
My research on political assassinations, election manipulations and clandestine government is not political. Democrats as well as republicans contribute to murdering and concealing their crimes.
If the exposure of our CIA, its methods of operation and secret fundings comes in an election year, that is a coincidence and not planned. For nine years I have written and telephoned public officials in the hope they would examine the evidence of conspiracies that exist in Washington, D.C.
The Watergate Affair is too large for the Democratic Party to prosecute or investigate. The best objective minds, not like the hand-picked Warren Commission, must work together. We must follow the pieces of scotch tape left in the door latches of the Watergate Hotel that led to the arrests, and continue to open more and more doors.
"The  Greek  military  government  that  took  over  in  1967  has  not  proven  itself  to  be  as  horrendous  a  specter  to  contemplate  as  most  people  thought  it  would."  from iphone
april 2018 by ecamhi
RT : Sophisticated and Based is Coming Soon to Devices Near You, Are You Ready?…
Meltdown  Specter  Malware  from twitter_favs
february 2018 by douglevin
Functional-navigational programming in Clojure(Script) with Specter - thoughts from the red planet - thoughts from the red planet
In February I open-sourced a library called Specter, and in my own work it has become by far my most-used library. It has changed the way I approach some fundamental aspects of programming, namely
specter  clojure 
june 2016 by nkashdan
Specter 0.11.0: Performance without the tradeoffs · nathanmarz/specter Wiki
I was unsure about Specter when it first came out, because I wasn't doing any of the fancy deep query paths that Specter supports. But with this latest release I start to see more compelling arguments. So I think: what if I change all of the operations on maps in my application to Specter, will I see a performance boost just for all the pre-compilation paths stuff? Perhaps. So making a Clojure weekly note.
clojure  specter  performance  compilation  paths 
may 2016 by reborg

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