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When your boss talks to the US Senate about lessons learned from the disclosure of and .…
spectre  meltdown  from twitter_favs
4 days ago by pgroce
Spectre Mitigations in Browsers
Great overview of Spectre mitigations, timing restrictions slow down attacks, but don't prevent them.
spectre  speculative  execution  web  engines 
14 days ago by FredericJacobs
Dramatic Arts - scioscribe - James Bond (Craig movies) [Archive of Our Own]
The one where 'Spectre' was a fake mission report that Bond embellished (a lot), and Q really wants a flight simulator.
skyfall  spectre  bond/q  scioscribe 
18 days ago by marcicat
INTEL-SA-00145: Lazy FP
"System software may utilize the Lazy FP state restore technique to delay the restoring of state until an instruction operating on that state is actually executed by the new process. S 2018ystems using Intel® Core-based microprocessors may potentially allow a local process to infer data utilizing Lazy FP state restore from another process through a speculative execution side channel."
fpu  spectre  intel  x86  security  vulnerability 
4 weeks ago by mechazoidal
RT : Just tested r2dec on a PoC. Works very nicely :) More to come at
radare2  Spectre  from twitter
4 weeks ago by blackthorne
Grand Pwning Unit: Accelerating Microarchitectural Attacks with the GPU
Grand Pwning Unit: Accelerating Microarchitectural Attacks with the GPU [PDF]
via:geeknik  spectre  meltdown  h4xz0r  PDF 
9 weeks ago by snafubar

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