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Ugra CNC Parts
Ugra CNC - Shop for vetted Spindles and VFDs with the kinda smarmy attitude that you the stuff you find from China sucks.
cnc  spindle 
may 2019 by technoterry
Spindle Mount for 80mm VFD Spindle (STL attached) - X-Carve / Upgrades - Inventables Community Forum
Discussion of upgrades to their x-carves. This post details what spindle and VFD he got
cnc  shapeoko  vfd  spindle 
april 2019 by technoterry
ambarbecutie GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
GIF car, cars, spinning, los angeles, traffic, spindle, morning traffic, cars spinning, 405 hwy Giphy ______
car  cars  spinning  los  angeles  traffic  spindle  morning  405  hwy  wynajem  samochody  auta 
may 2018 by architektura
Why Is Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Sensitive and Vulnerable?
Maybe you have heard a lot of suggestions about handling hard drive with care. It’s because that hard disk drive is sensitive and vulnerable. Anything wrong occurring to HDD can directly result in drive damage and data loss. Now, this article will lead you to further learn HDD’s vulnerability.
damaged  Outlook  Hard  Disk  Drive  HDD  Head  Crashes  Spindle  Motor  Vulnerable  Wear  and  Tear 
march 2018 by DataNumen
3 Main Reasons & Solutions when Hard Drive Fails to Spin Up
When power is supplied to your hard drive, if it doesn’t spin up as normal, you will definitely get panic. This article will guide to figure out this issue and take effective actions to solve it.
corrupt  Outlook  Hard  Drive  Fails  to  Spin  Up  Printed  Circuit  Board  Read/Write  Heads  Spindle  Motor 
march 2018 by DataNumen
Mini-Mill Spindle/Column Alignment |
This tutorial was written by Earl Hackett, who graciously gave me permission to republish it here. Earl found that even though his mini-mill was trammed
minimill  spindle  alignment 
december 2017 by adragomir

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