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The Problem with Muzak | Liz Pelly
culture  music  spotify 
3 days ago by maoxian
The Problem with Muzak | Liz Pelly
The music world continues to be exceedingly vulnerable, and there are looming questions that desperately need to be addressed. Most important: How can artists distribute and sell their work in a digital economy beholden to ruthlessly commercial and centralized interests?
Spotify  streamingmedia  music  disintermediation  concentration  commercialisation  review  critique  TheBaffler  2017 
4 days ago by inspiral
Spotify’s Wrapped feature is now live to break down your 2017 listening habits | TechCrunch
Spotify’s annual Wrapped feature is now up to give users insights into what they streamed over the past twelve months. While obviously a promotion for the music service, Wrapped is a quick and amusing diversion from an increasingly hellish news cycle. Spotify acknowledges the fact that 2017 has been an ordeal for lots of people on Wrapped’s landing page, which says “in a year that many wanted to tune out, music gave us a reason to keep listening.”

Wrapped, which replaced Spotify’s personalized Year in Music feature last year, tells you the amount of time you spent streaming music in 2016 and how many songs and artists you listened to. Then it quizzes you to see how well you know your own listening habits before making a personalized playlist of 30 songs you might have missed this year.
spotify  stats  music 
7 days ago by dancall

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