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Implements a Widget for Spotify in the Notification Center of OS X 10.11 El Capitan
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yesterday by awhite
Spotify’s Tencent Risk
Let’s for the moment assume that there is some parallel non-compete clause for Tencent in some other document. Even with that theoretical counter-balance, the possibilities are intriguing. For example, should TME decide to use the $2 billion it raises via IPO as a war chest, it could then go on a global roll out to all the markets where Spotify is currently not present. And because of that non-compete, Spotify would be unable to launch there, as that would bring it into direct competition with TME, which it is contractually forbidden from doing. This would have the effect of ring-fencing Spotify’s global roll out plans. For fans of the board game Risk, the board would look something like this:
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yesterday by motiveunknown
What does Spotify's new upload service mean for producers and labels?
We’re not signaling the end for independent labels – for many, things like publishing opportunities, legal guidance, artist collaborations and brand partnerships, as well as being part of a creative collective, labels will always trump going it alone. Instead it’s a new challenge where the community aspect and artist development directives could become more of a selling point for a label, over the ability to get your music ‘out there’. We may see a drop in labels signing one track at a time and instead signing artists to a 360-style deal, creating a family around the label and encouraging dedication and consistency through releases and branded parties. Would that be such a bad thing, especially with Warner Music Group offloading their Spotify shares last month and Spotify also being sued for alleged gender discrimination?
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yesterday by motiveunknown
Spotify's direct distribution deals are only a threat to those aggregators stuck in the past
Striking a deal with any label or ‘aggregator’ worth its salt today should mean one thing to an artist above all else: when your career trajectory starts to rise, there are multiple layers of support and promotion behind you. If you’re a true partner to an artist, it’s your No.1 job to make the most of their moment – both locally and globally. Anything else is a failure. Spotify is completely artist-focused, and that chimes with our world view too. But it’s also worth remembering that the land of entertainment media today is ultra-competitive, multi-faceted – and very hard to navigate.
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yesterday by motiveunknown
Spotify opens the floodgates: artists can now upload tracks direct to the streaming platform for FREE
oday’s news will be well received by artists – but it won’t be quite so welcomed by third-party aggregators, major record companies or, indeed, by SoundCloud. This represents an aggressive move into user-uploaded audio content for Spotify. Traditionally, that’s been the domain of SoundCloud, which offers artists the chance to upload unlimited tracks, plus access to insight tools, when they sign up to a Pro Unlimited account for $15 per month or $135 per year. (SoundCloud also offers a free, limited option which caps a user’s total uploads to three hours of material.)
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2 days ago by motiveunknown
Spotify tests tool for artists to upload their music directly
The company has quietly been testing this feature with a few DIY artists and small labels, but is now opening it up to “a few hundred” US-based artists, via invitations, but with the aim of expanding that to more artists, labels and management teams in the future. This is separate – but strategically related – to Spotify’s experiments with licensing music directly from artists, which were revealed earlier this year. Unlike those deals, the new direct-upload tool does not involve paying advances to artists. It’s purely a means for them to put their music on Spotify without going through a middleman.
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2 days ago by motiveunknown
Forgotify | Discover a previously unheard Spotify track
Millions of songs on Spotify have been forgotten. Let’s give them new life in new ears – yours.
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2 days ago by inge
Spotify sued for gender discrimination and equal pay violation
Hong Perez alleges that the Swedish company systematically discriminated against female employees, Variety reports. Perez alleges that her former boss, the US head of sales Brian Berner, took only male employees to the Sundance independent film festival in 2016 and 17. She says employees spoke of “drug use” on these “boys’ trips” and alleges that one man got into a physical fight during one. She claims these trips excluded more senior women.
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3 days ago by motiveunknown
Spotify loses its second top marketing executive in a week
AdAge reported yesterday that Jackie Jantos, vice president of brand creative, will be leaving the company, just five days after the company revealed that CMO Seth Farbman is leaving. In a statement last week, Farbman said, “I came to Spotify to build a world class marketing organization and establish the Spotify brand as the leader in music, culture, and innovation. By all measures, we’ve achieved those goals, but we’ve also done something most companies only dream of doing—we’ve turned affinity for the Spotify experience into love for the brand. I have all the confidence in the creative, capable team in place.”
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3 days ago by dancall

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