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GitHub - JanKallman/EPPlus: Create advanced Excel spreadsheets using .NET
Create advanced Excel spreadsheets using .NET. Contribute to JanKallman/EPPlus development by creating an account on GitHub.
spreadsheet  xlsx  excel  file  management  editing  opensource  floss  library 
2 days ago by gilberto5757
How to Create Pixel Drawings and Emoji Art with Google Spreadsheets
ou are using Google Spreadsheets for budgeting and project management but did you know that the same sheets application can help you create impressive pixel paintings in minutes? The Google blog recently published a story of two illustrators who created a bright and beautiful wall mural using Google Spreadsheets.
art  spreadsheet  da106 
4 days ago by cogdog
Google Home IFTTT Sheets
Control Google Home via IFTTT and a Google Sheet
youtube  ifttt  google  googlehome  spreadsheet 
5 days ago by cyberchucktx
Terminal tool for analysing tabular data.
spreadsheet  terminal  tools 
5 days ago by adambyrtek
Mesh spreadsheet
Use a grid UI to edit code.

Swap between grid and text representations of your sheet. Save sheets to local disk as plain text files. Works with your existing version control system.

It's just JavaScript.

Use functions, objects, data structures and control flow. Consume sheets as backends for websites or as functions in other sheets.
spreadsheet  tools 
7 days ago by lena
Preview of Dynamic Arrays in Excel - Microsoft Tech Community - 252944
Until now, you wrote a formula for each value you wanted returned to the grid. One formula, one value. If you wanted another value, you wrote (or copied) another formula. With dynamic arrays, that all changes. Now, you can write a formula hit the enter key and get an array of values returned. One formula, many values. This will allow you to build more capable spreadsheets, faster, with fewer formulas and less chance of error.

To harness the power of dynamic arrays, we’ve added some amazing new functions. So, for instance, you can use the SORT function to sort a list, the UNIQUE function to remove duplicates from that list, then use the FILTER function to get just what you want from the list. And when your data changes, the dynamic array will resize and recalculate automatically!
excel  spreadsheet 
7 days ago by lena
Google Sheets Query function: Learn the most powerful function in Sheets
Learn how to use the super-powerful Google Sheets Query function to bring the power of SQL to your data, with this comprehensive tutorial and available template.
google  database  spreadsheet  sql 
7 days ago by lena

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