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Introduction : Stencila
Stencila allows you to write reproducible documents containing interactive source code using the interfaces you are most familiar with. Stencila components can be combined in various ways and plugged into existing reproducible infrastructure.

Stencila execution engine is its heart. The engine enables a spreadsheet-like, reactive programming model. It maintains a graph of the dependency between code cells. This means that as you change your code or data, all other parts of your document depending on them get updated as well. Stencila execution engine does not itself execute the code embedded in the documents but instead sends it to the execution contexts.

The execution contexts compile and execute code from the code cells that the execution engine passes on. This means that Stencila can be used for practically any programming language as the execution contexts can be developed using Stencila API. Currently we provide execution contexts for R, Python, JavaScript, SQL and Mini (Stencila's own simple language).
notebooks  juypter  r  spreadsheet  desktop  results 
2 days ago by jaygooby
Coda | Template Gallery
We turned real-life docs into templates, so you can see what Coda can do. Browse for inspiration or build from an existing doc and make it your own!
spreadsheet  tools  documents  spreadsheets 
5 days ago by justusthane
Product - Airtable
Airtable works like a spreadsheet but gives you the power of a database to organize anything. Sign up for free.
database  software  productivity  apps  spreadsheet  mobile  data  saas  information 
11 days ago by cakeface
Spreadsheet with monte carlo simulations built in
statistics  tools  spreadsheet 
13 days ago by raygrasso
A spreadsheet for things
that aren’t certain
SaaS  spreadsheet  estimate  Tools 
13 days ago by 1luke2
Airtable Universe
Welcome to Airtable Universe, a vibrant community of creators and creatives sharing their inspiring projects with the world.
airtable  spreadsheet  templates 
14 days ago by tribbles

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