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xo/usql: universal command-line interface for SQL databases
wow, a sql command line interface in go compatible with mssql, thus runs on windows and handles domain user sign in - have a close look
sql  database  commandLine 
2 days ago by ElliotPsyIT
Practical advice for analysis of large data sets
To answer those questions, I put together a document shared Google-wide which I optimistically and simply titled “Good Data Analysis.” To my surprise, this document has been read more than anything else I’ve done at Google over the last eleven years. Even four years after the last major update, I find that there are multiple Googlers with the document open any time I check.
datascience  reference  tutorial  optimization  sql  database 
2 days ago by badlydrawnrob
Emacs Database Interface (EDBI) - jmercouris
What is it? Emacs database interface (EDBI) is a useful tool for connecting to any number of databases with an abstract interface. Much like the abstract version control system in Emacs (, EDBI can help simplify and make consistent multiple …
emacs  database  rdbms  sql  client  extension  plugin 
3 days ago by gilberto5757

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