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simonw/csvs-to-sqlite: Convert CSV files into a SQLite database
Convert CSV files into a SQLite database. Browse and publish that SQLite database with Datasette.
database  sqlite  python  csv  databases  tool  import 
5 days ago by RBarnard
SQLite LIMIT - Constrain The Number Of Rows Returned
5 days ago by stever
SQLite’s Code Of Ethics
SQLite’s response to when their engagements require a Code of Ethics/Code of Conduct
sqlite  politics 
5 days ago by VxJasonxV
dbohdan/sqawk: Like Awk, but with SQL and table joins
Sqawk is an Awk-like program that uses SQL and can combine data from multiple files. It is powered by SQLite.
text  sqlite  sql  programming  awk 
6 days ago by RBarnard
sqlite3 - GoDoc
Package sqlite3 provides interface to SQLite3 databases.
sqlite  go 
10 days ago by stever
dataset: databases for lazy people — dataset 1.0.8 documentation
dataset provides a simple abstraction layer removes most direct SQL statements without the necessity for a full ORM model - essentially, databases can be used like a JSON file or NoSQL store.
database  sqlite  python  databases 
12 days ago by RBarnard
simonw/datasette: A tool for exploring and publishing data
Datasette is a tool for exploring and publishing data. It helps people take data of any shape or size and publish that as an interactive, explorable website and accompanying API.

Datasette is aimed at data journalists, museum curators, archivists, local governments and anyone else who has data that they wish to share with the world.
database  sqlite  api  python  json 
12 days ago by RBarnard
Koa routing middleware allowing you to expose a sqlite database via RESTful CRUD
database  sqlite  javascript  api  rest 
12 days ago by RBarnard

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