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How I Turned My 3D Model into a Squishy Toy! [From Pixels to Plush]
Blender -> 3d print -> coated 3d print -> silicone mold -> foam filled mold -> final product.

Wear gloves (and probably goggles too.)
blender  3d.print  foam  squishy  model 
january 2019 by mpcasey
Squishtastic - Buy Soft, Cute, Kawaii Squishies
My 10 yo daughter just opened her online shop! Check out and follow her on all the usual social thingies.
squishy  from twitter
august 2017 by analogophile
Wheeled Robot With Soft Rotary Motors Is 100% Squishy
There’s a reason why you don’t see rotary motors or joints in nature: at anything above the molecular scale, too much stuff has to be permanently attached to too much other stuff for any of it to be freely rotating in the way a mechanical wheel or axle is. The more bioinspiration you want to work into a robot, the more of an issue this becomes, which is why it’s particularly impressive that researchers at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, N.J., have managed to put four silicone-based wheels with air-powered motors inside of them on a robot that’s as soft as a Crocs shoe.
rotobics  squishy  rutgers  research 
august 2016 by cyberchucktx
Squishy Circuits
Squishy circuits - fun projects with circuits
maker  squishy  projects  circuits 
december 2015 by amann
Squishy Circuits – Color Mixing with Light | Geek Mom Projects
I made three batches of conductive dough in red, green and blue, and an equal amount of the resistive dough in white. Most of the squishy circuit examples online showed ways to hook up several LEDs in parallel and series. I thought I’d try to demonstrate how the resistance of dough increases along its length by mixing colors with an RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LED.
squishycircuits  squishy  electronics  learning  color  diy 
september 2014 by cyberchucktx
Squishy Circuits Kits
The Squishy Circuits Hardware Kit is the most convenient way to start with Squishy Circuits. Although many different components will work with Squishy Circuits, we have chosen components that are sure to work, and then we conveniently pack and ship them to your doorstep.
circuits  squishy  education  diy  makerspace  kids 
august 2014 by cyberchucktx
Chocolate pudding! On her face, on her hands, in her clothes, in her hair!
squishy  nomnom  from twitter
july 2014 by joeyday
the keys to society and their rightful owners - Text Patterns - The New Atlantis
If you follow the embedded link you’ll see that Head argues that algorithm-based technologies are, in many workplaces, denying to humans the powers of judgment and discernment:
squishy>slick  squishy  education_technology 
april 2014 by lukeneff
Print Squishy Objects! New Improved Elasto Plastic Available for Makers at Shapeways #3dthursday « adafruit industries blog
Print Squishy Objects! New Improved Elasto Plastic Available for Makers at Shapeways #3dthursday, May 30, 2013 at 05:00AM, from adafruit industries blog
ifttt  googlereader  adafruit  industries  blog  Print  Squishy  Objects!  New  Improved  Elasto  Plastic  Available  for  Makers  at  Shapeways  #3dthursday  May  30  2013  05:00AM 
may 2013 by designmakecreate

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