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Resilience engineering papers
This doc contains notes about people active in resilience engineering, as well as some influential researchers who are no longer with us, organized alphabetically. It also includes people and papers from related fields, such as cognitive systems engineering and naturalistic decision-making.
softwareengineering  architecture  bestpractices  erlang  sre  resiliency 
yesterday by dlkinney
Observability — A 3-Year Retrospective
Seems to be a pretty neat article on the difference between Observability and monitoring
DevOps  SRE 
3 days ago by northwestyam
config management framework by facebook

here be dragons.
python  cli  configuration  operations  devops  sre  cicd  facebook 
6 days ago by po
Google - Site Reliability Engineering
This is the work book to the Site Reliability Engineering book.
sre  devops  books 
7 days ago by ssoriche
Google - Site Reliability Engineering
This book was passed around in one of the work channels as being something useful to read.
sre  devops  books 
7 days ago by ssoriche
SRE as a Lifestyle Choice - Marianne Bellotti - Medium
Monitoring: How do we know when something is broken?
Budgeting: What level of performance do we need from this system? What are we optimizing for and how much failure can we withstand before we lose value?
Escalation/Empowerment: If on the ground workers realize the system is producing a subpart result are they empowered to fix it?
8 days ago by colin.jack
SRE as a Lifestyle Choice - Marianne Bellotti - Medium
The last project I worked on for the government was a pilot program to fix Title 5, otherwise known as civil service competitive hiring. By 2018 I was ready to leave government and told USDS so. I…
hr  usa  culture  gov  hiring  interviews  government  jobs  sre  wow  broken 
8 days ago by xer0x
SRE at SpringOne Platform and Pivotal
Site reliability engineering principles are taking over within forward-thinking companies. Learn more about SRE here, including links to useful content and sessions at SpringOne Platform 2019.
9 days ago by pks
Transitioning a typical engineering ops team into an SRE powerhouse | Google Cloud Blog
Moving a network operations team to an SRE-driven model took some time, but was well worth the effort, as teams can focus on reliability rather than hardware.
google  sre  transition 
11 days ago by pinterb

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