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Facebook’s ex-security chief is starting an institute to tackle tech’s biggest threats - The Verge Oct 2018
Alex Stamos, Facebook’s ex-chief security officer, ... is launching a new institute he’s calling the Stanford Internet Observatory.
TheVerge  Facebook  cybersecurity  Stanford 
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Me and will giving a talk on stablecoins at the Bitcoin Club this Saturday, open to the publ…
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A new mechanism for how animal cells stay intact | Stanford News
Almost eight years ago, Stanford University bioengineer Manu Prakash was looking for a way to watch every cell in an adult living, behaving animal in elaborate…
education  science  medicine  biology  genetics  engineering  research  stanford  university  california  america 
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Stanford Online | Stanford Credentials
Stanford Online offers courses for academic credit, grant-ID certificated achievements, and open learning opportunities.

These include accredited academic degrees and professional certificates of achievement as well as open access to individual classes, lectures, and other materials created by our world class faculty. Just pick the level of commitment and academic rigor that’s right for you.
edX  Stanford  OnLine  Education  US  EN  OnLineEducation  University  PostGraduate  Degree  HigherEducation 
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Homepage OHS | Stanford Online High School
Stanford OHS was founded at Stanford University in 2006 with a gift from the Malone Family Foundation. It began as a three-year high school comprising a worldwide community of highly motivated students and teachers. Central to our mission was the creation of an innovative online program of study, one that evoked the University’s dynamism and provoked the discourse of the best brick-and-mortar classes. We succeeded, producing in the heart of Silicon Valley one of the nation’s first independent online high schools. Today, Stanford OHS is a part of Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies, which serves academically talented, intellectually curious pre-college students.

Everything Stanford OHS does is informed by the principles upon which the school was founded.
Claudia  HighSchool  US  EN  Stanford  OnLine  OnLineEducation  Degree  eLearning 
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