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Near tomorrow? The Stanford Bitcoin Club is hosting our CTO, , for an introduction to the
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12 days ago by kartik
Stories Still To Be Written
The legacy of Stanford’s 1998 Final Four team is not yet complete
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13 days ago by gmisra
Stephon Clark and the Golden State’s Shameful Secret
One of California’s best-kept and most shameful secrets: In a manner that belies its liberal reputation, day-to-day life for generations of black residents there has long been shaped by discrimination and inequality.
Blacks account for only about 6.5 percent of California’s nearly 40 million residents, yet they are among the most heavily policed populations in the state.
After Rodney King, Residents in South Central, Compton and other predominantly black and Latino Los Angeles neighborhoods spoke at town hall meetings and forums, saying they’d continually experienced not only police abuse, but also unfair hiring practices in the city’s retail centers and film industry, as well as job losses from closures in manufacturing.

Now, nearly three decades later, the state still enjoys a liberal reputation that is partly deserved, but it is also often at odds with the material status of black residents — not only when it comes to headline-grabbing tragedy and injustice, but also in all facets of life. Equal access to California’s economic drivers has long been elusive for black residents.
But the problems that lead to an unarmed black man being gunned down and the many other issues facing black people in my home state run much deeper than one officer’s subconscious attitudes toward race. And there is a long overdue need for deep, sustained measures, such as changes to training protocols for law enforcement agencies (now under discussion in Sacramento) and increased funding for culturally competent social services programs that specifically address the health and welfare of black residents.
Activists have demanded accountability for Mr. Clark’s death. We need that, and much more: We need policies that ensure a person’s racial identity doesn’t determine their ability to survive a police encounter, secure a mortgage or enjoy a decent quality of life according to other key indicators. We need a state that not only signals its commitment to egalitarian principles, but also does the hard, uncomfortable work of erasing the impact of longstanding racism from systems that affect all residents.
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14 days ago by dbourn

MacroBase is a data analytics tool that prioritizes attention in large datasets using machine learning.
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19 days ago by cells
Git Magic
Stanford CS department Book on Git
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4 weeks ago by abrad45

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