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DeepMind and Blizzard open StarCraft II as an AI research environment | DeepMind
Along with our partner Blizzard Entertainment, we are excited to announce the release of the Starcraft II Learning Environment (SC2LE), a suite of tools that we hope will accelerate AI research in the real-time strategy game and make it easier for researchers to focus on the frontiers of our field.
ai  starcraft  deepmind  starcraft2  videogames 
august 2017 by grinful
Carbot Animations - StarCrafts (all seasons) - YouTube
All StarCrafts animations in order including bonus episodes
starcraft2  animation  humour  video 
january 2017 by pmigdal
First thing I see after launching for the first time? This... WTF!!!! kids play this!!!!!
starcraft2  from twitter_favs
august 2016 by paulrosania

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