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Get started and organized with TiddlyWiki |
Take notes, manage tasks, keep a journal, and otherwise stay organized with TiddlyWiki.
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12 days ago by arnoldn
SmallData | Blog | Getting started with Lisp in 2019
A quick guide on how to get started with LISP development in 2019. TLDR: install <a href="">roswell</a>.
common-lisp  starter 
8 weeks ago by willyh
The illusive high hydration oven spring | The Fresh Loaf
Take 10g of starter out of the fridge.  Don't throw any away -- if, as you say, your starter is healthy it can survive in the fridge without being touched for weeks, even months.  Add 10g of water and 10g of your flour mix. Stir until well mixed and leave at room temp for 12 hours.  (These seem like ridiculously small quantities to be working with, but trust me - it works.)
You now have 30g of levain.  Add 15g of water and 15g of flour.  This doubles the mass.  Mix well and wait another 12 hours.
You now have 60g of levain.  Add 30g of water and 30g of flour, again doubling the mass.  This gives you 120g of levain, which is pretty close to the 125g you've been working with.
By doing this, you're not really "training" your yeast, you're actually selecting for the ones that have the capability to do their job in 12 hours and they out-compete the ones that take 24 hours.  At this point, take out 10 grams of the levain you have, toss the rest, and start all over with shorter times, say 6 or 8 hours, between builds.  Then ultimately my preference is to have a batch that peaks at around 4 hours, so it would take one more cycle with even shorter times.  You can then take the whole 120g and put it in the fridge as your reserve starter and toss the old one.
You have now selected for faster yeast that should serve you well, and this is really the only time you need waste any of your starter between feedings.  Mini Oven gives an excellent explanation of this concept in this post: How to increase STRENGTH of starter.  It actually works a little faster when you're working with a brand new culture because of the variety of individuals to select from, but I was able to do it over a couple weeks with my starter that I've had for over a decade.
When you're ready to bake, take 10g of starter and build to your required 120g levain - should take about 8 hours from start to finish.  Which brings me to my next thought...
levain  recipe  sourdough  starter  maintenance 
10 weeks ago by kaiton
Social Media Pricing | Social Media Marketing Costs in 2019
Wondering how much you should expect to pay for social media marketing? Here's all the info you need to know.
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11 weeks ago by foss99

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