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Find engineering teams that share your values | Key Values
Find engineering teams that share your values
Select your top values and find teams you'll click with.
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yesterday by kaxing
Mastering The Pivot As A Small Business Owner
1) Define what success means to you.
2) Identify the type of impact you want to have.
Who are your best clients?
What problems are you solving for them?
How do they benefit from working with you?
3) Be strategic about this transition, and realize that it is a process.
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yesterday by tom.reeder
The Law Firm Disrupted: Outside Ownership of a Law Firm Alert! |
Silicon Valley startup Atrium Legal Technology Services Inc. receiving $65 million in funding from some big-name investors. Plink asked what I thought about Atrium, and I had to be honest: I’d been on vacation most of last week and since returning had been too tied up with other deadlines to look at the news.

So here is the news if you’ve not read about it already: Atrium, in the span of about a year, has provided flat-fee legal advice to 250 startups that collectively have raised more than $500 million. It has hired about 115 people. The company is half law firm, half software developer; the software developed being used by the law firm to automate simple tasks. Got it? O.K.

The $65 million investment is exciting. For a number of reasons. For one, it’s about $30 million shy of the annual gross revenue of the No. 200 firm on The American Lawyer’s annual Second Hundred list.

But most germane to Big Law, in my mind, is that it’s another way to get outside money into a law firm, which I’ve been writing about a lot lately. I continue to believe outside investors are one of the most effective ways to overcome barriers to innovation inherent in the partnership model. Mostly because they allow law firms to think long term.

After reading about Atrium, I find myself asking: Why can’t other law firms do this?
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yesterday by JordanFurlong
Startup Jobs - Product Hunt
Startup Jobs helps you find a job you'll love at the fastest growing startups worldwide.

Search through 10,000s of up-to-date job openings at 1,000s of startups. Filter by tag, seniority, time commitment, and more.
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yesterday by boscht
5 Years On . . . - The Big Picture
Around this time, circa 2010, I met Josh at a conference in Coronado Island off San Diego. (He tells his version of that meeting here). If you know me, you already know who Josh is. That first meeting was simple: here was a guy who was obviously talented and smart and funny – how had the market overlooked him? I had seen his blog, thought he was an emerging writer with something to say and a sharp, intelligent way to say it. What was he doing on the wrong side of the street – the Sell Side? He asked what he needed to do to join the Buy Side, the answer was obvious.
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yesterday by fallond

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