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From Nigeria to Brazil to Canada: Access to Justice Tech on the International Stage | Legaltech News
The Global Legal Hackathon—a legal tech development competition that boasted participants from across five continents and, in the first round, over 40 cities—held its third and final round in New York on April 21.  Of the 14 remaining participants, two team were chosen as winners for the public sector tech category.

But while only two access to justice solutions took the top spots, many more competed in the monthslong event. The scope and diversity of these solutions underscored how such tech is shaping up across the world in response to both local and global problems.

A Florianópolis, Brazil-based team, for instance, developed a solution named Apresente-se that allows local citizens to remotely be present before justice officials when needed. Alexandre Golin Krammes, product adviser at Softplan and a part of the Apresente-se team, noted that being present before a court can oftentimes be an arduous and time consuming endeavor because of his country’s overburdened judicial system.

“Nowadays in Brazil going to the court, they have long lines and the court has to have available employees to check them and say everything is OK,” he said.
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At Notman House this afternoon for one of FounderFuel's mentor sprints.
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Conway’s Law
Yes! I’ve always said the org chart matters more than you think. “It’s a powerful reminder that the team makeup matters a lot, especially in the beginning. We are all naturally biased in many ways and we bring that to the software table when we build."
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