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Some Quick Things Every Founder Should Know (Mark Suster)
probably employees of any startup that is taking VC funding should know these things too?
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6 hours ago by absfac
I think again just an iOS app. List places you want to go as bookmark sort of things.
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10 hours ago by skinnymuch
Updated: Facebook confirms it is to buy Allen & Overy Fuse startup Bloomsbury AI | Legal IT Insider
Facebook is buying Bloomsbury AI – one of the early stage companies currently resident in Allen & Overy’s incubator Fuse – according to a report from TechCrunch that has subsequently been confirmed by Facebook to Legal IT Insider.

Bloomsbury AI uses natural language processing to create virtual assistants that can be taught to read, reason and communicate (AI that Bloomsbury calls ‘Cape’), which Facebook is reportedly going to use as a part of its arsenal to tackle the growing problem of fake news. Cape allows developers to add question & answer functionality to websites and other documents.

Facebook’s press team contacted Legal IT Insider on 3 July to say: “The team behind Bloomsbury AI has agreed to join Facebook in London” and directed us to the following statement on Facebook Academics:
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yesterday by JordanFurlong
Clifford Chance Looks to Break Out to Break Through With 2 New 'Innovation Units' | The American Lawyer
Clifford Chance’s recent launch of two new “innovation units,” Clifford Chance Applied Solutions and Clifford Chance Create, is an attempt for the firm to eke out the necessary space for experimentation. The Create unit will be charged with helping the firm flesh out its technology ecosystem and partner network, while Applied Solutions is dedicated to helping build and scale out technology systems for clients.

Visser explained that the firm decided to move forward in creating these innovation units after deploying a MiFID II compliance tool co-constructed with Neota Logic, where it saw the potential to scale and monetize the venture.

“We see a fantastic opportunity to monetize experience in tech solutions. We have to make sure we’re acting on those lessons learned,” Visser said of the experience.

To do that, the firm opted to create these two divisions, each headed by Visser, to operate slightly outside of the firm’s traditional leadership structure.

“If you really want to do this successfully, you need to have in your ecosystem people who are really focused on customer satisfaction and product development, all the skills that you would typically expect in a software-based or subscription-based environment, but which are not necessarily present in our normal law firm ecosystem. It’s really a different mindset and a different way of working,” Visser explained.
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yesterday by JordanFurlong
Last week, Montreal proved why it deserved its world leadership title! 🙌 Congratulations to wh…
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2 days ago by afroginthevalley
Appel à projet Hachette Innovation Program 2018 ! – Blue Factory ESCP Europe – Medium
Pour la première fois, la Blue Factory ESCP Europe s’associe à Hachette Livre, 3ème éditeur de livres grand public (trade) et d’éducation dans le monde et 1er éditeur en France, pour accompagner des entreprises innovantes dont la solution est spécifiquement adaptée au secteur de l’édition de livres. Dans le cadre de cet appel à projet, jusqu’à 10 entreprises seront retenues pour un entretien privilégié avec les équipes Innovation et métiers du groupe ; et parmi elles, 1 sera retenue pour participer au programme Blue Factory Seed ESCP Europe.

Les entreprises candidates doivent proposer une solution à l’un des 2 enjeux suivants :

Data — ce que la donnée peut apporter aux différentes étapes de la chaîne du livre ? Ex : orientation du choix de couvertures, prédiction de succès, analyse des parcours de lecture, optimisation des mots-clés, du pricing,..
Storytelling — ce que les nouvelles technologies peuvent apporter à la création ou à la diffusion de contenu ? Ex : expériences de lecture interactive, sérialisée, en mobilité ; création de contenu collaboratif ; assistants vocaux ; objets connectés ; robots conversationnels…
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2 days ago by sentinelle

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