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The JAMstack in 2019: Why (and How) to Get Started - Snipcart
The JAMstack isn’t a specific set of tools, but a new, modern way of building websites & apps.
jamstack  javascript  api  static  webdevelopment  tutorial  markup 
18 minutes ago by cyberchucktx
What is JAMstack?
JAM stands for JavaScript, API & Markup. "A modern web development architecture based on client-side JavaScript, reusable APIs, and prebuilt Markup"
jamstack  static  webdevelopment  html  javascript  api  markup 
19 minutes ago by cyberchucktx
Commento: A fast, privacy-focused commenting platform
Embed comments in your website to foster discussion and increase engagement.
disqus  comments  blog  content  commenting  gatsby  github  static 
16 hours ago by e2b
The highly flexible website framework for Hugo with an extensible plugin mechanism. Create a beautifully simple site in under 10 minutes 🚀
theme  hugo  development  static 
5 days ago by javajunky
Contentful: Content Infrastructure for Digital Teams
Contentful gives you an API-first, cloud-based platform to power your sites and apps, allowing you to create first-class user experiences. Stop burying your content in a CMS, empower it with a content infrastructure.
content  management  static  cms  app 
5 days ago by dholland

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