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On Migrating from Google Analytics
"In this post we'll explore what happened when I migrated away from Google Analytics (GA) to a self-hosted solution. The tool that I migrated to is an open-source platform called Countly. It offers a subset of features from what GA offers."
analytics  google  statistics 
yesterday by robknight
Failure by Committee: The Case Against Harold Baines, Hall of Famer
The right fielder was tapped for Cooperstown on Sunday despite numbers that fall well short of the typical enshrinee’s. What would happen if we put in every player who performed at a similar level?
baseball  sports  statistics  history 
yesterday by jimmykduong
Big Donations to Campaigns Can't Buy a Victory - Bloomberg
The Republicans faring best in fundraising are not faring best at the polls.
america  politics  statistics 
yesterday by Kjaleshire
BGP in 2018 — The BGP Table | APNIC Blog
"While a number of providers have made significant progress in public IPv6 deployments for their respective customer base, the majority of the Internet user base is still exclusively using IPv4 for the moment.

Despite this uncertainty, nothing in this routing data indicates any serious cause for alarm in the current trends of growth in the routing system. There is no evidence of the imminent collapse of BGP.

None of the BGP metrics indicate that we are seeing such an explosive level of growth in the routing system that it will fundamentally alter the viability of the BGP routing table anytime soon."
repot  statistics  bgp  networking  internet  ipv4  2019 
yesterday by mechazoidal
dube working paper,
For those interested, Online Appendix E of our paper shows how one can correct for misreporting of wages by: (1) structurally estimating a measurement error model (2) using a non parametric deconvolution to recover meas. error corrected wage density.
economics  econometrics  statistics 
yesterday by azadag
Shannon Entropy, Information Gain, and Picking Balls from Buckets
- Entropy is in some way, the opposite of knowledge.
- In order to build the entropy formula, we want the opposite, some measure that gives us a low number for Bucket 1, a medium number for Bucket 2, and a high number for Bucket 3. No problem, this is where logarithms will come to save our life.
- The following is a very simple trick, yet used very widely, particularly in Machine Learning. See, products are never very good. Here we have a product of 4 numbers, which is not bad, but imagine if we...
entropy  machine-learning  ml  probability  statistics 
yesterday by hellsten
Seeing Theory
A visual introduction to probability and statistics.
statistics  probability  teaching  learning  presentation 
yesterday by e2b
'I'm mixed-race, is Cambridge University right for me?' - BBC News
questions to which the answer is yes. also, note interesting detail: at the highest abstraction level, Cambridge *is* representative. It isn't representative of *London*. KCL though
cambridge  race  statistics 
yesterday by yorksranter
montanaflynn/stats: A well tested and comprehensive Golang statistics library package with no dependencies.
A well tested and comprehensive Golang statistics library package with no dependencies. - montanaflynn/stats
statistics  golang  library 
yesterday by jabbrwcky
Git Hammer - Collect and display statistics of git repositories
A statistics tool for projects in git repositories. Its major feature is tracking the number of lines authored by each person for every commit, but it currently includes some other useful statistics as well, and the data that it collects could be used in multiple new ways as well.
Git  statistics  tools  opensource  visualization 
yesterday by liqweed

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