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The Hidden Tribes of America - Hidden Tribes
They are fed up with the polarization plaguing American government and society
They are often forgotten in the public discourse, overlooked because their voices are seldom heard
They are flexible in their views, willing to endorse different policies according to the precise situation rather than sticking ideologically to a single set of beliefs
They believe we can find common ground
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Temperature and Decisions: Evidence from 207,000 Court Cases - American Economic Association
"In our preferred specification, which includes spatial, temporal, and judge fixed effects, and controls for various potential confounders, a 10°F degree increase in case-day temperature reduces decisions favorable to the applicant by 6.55 percent. This is despite judgements being made indoors, "protected" by climate control. Results are consistent with established links from temperature to mood and risk appetite and have important implications for evaluating the influence of climate on "cognitive output.""
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Prophet | Prophet is a forecasting procedure implemented in R and Python. It is fast and provides completely automated forecasts that can be tuned by hand by data scientists and analysts.
Prophet is a procedure for forecasting time series data based on an additive model where non-linear trends are fit with yearly, weekly, and daily seasonality, plus holiday effects. It works best with time series that have strong seasonal effects and several seasons of historical data. Prophet is robust to missing data and shifts in the trend, and typically handles outliers well.
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Count of modules in package repositories
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Coronavirus dashboard/report by Andrzej Leszkiewicz -
The best visualization of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak (epidemic/pandemic) characteristics and trends.
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Data USA
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The Little Handbook of Statistical Practice
A good guide written by a statistician about"statistical practice--what happens when a statistician (me) deals with data on a daily basis."
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(114) StatQuest: P Values, clearly explained - YouTube
Video describing the similarities and differences between probability and p-value. Easy and to the point.
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