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Statistical rule of three
A handy rule of thumb for creating a confidence interval for the probability of an event you haven't seen happen yet.
estimates  statistics  bayesian  datascience  probability 
4 hours ago by t27
Elements of Statistical Learning: data mining, inference, and prediction. 2nd Edition.
This books comes highly recommended by different people so I should read it.
books  statistics  via:lena 
10 hours ago by pgt150
Writeups on various probability distributions
Part of a larger set of useful guides in statistical/social science research: . The author, Paul E. Johnson, is a Political Science Professor at University of Kansas (KU)
math  statistics  machine-learning 
18 hours ago by id1
Resources |
Resources, statistics, and data on UX, mobile and other trends in design community
ux  design  resources  statistics 
20 hours ago by jlancaster

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