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How do we know May’s Brexit plan is the fairest one of all? Every single person in the world hates it | Mark Steel
If only someone had pointed out to Brexit supporters at some point that the reality of leaving might result in us being worse off. Still, they’ll know for next time.
15th  november  2018  mark  steel  independent  politics  brexit 
5 days ago by pnjman
Democrats should make compromises with Trump – like painting smiley suns on cages | Mark Steel
When he makes up a story of a ‘caravan’ of dirty Hondurans heading towards the border to destroy the country, just reply: ‘With respect, Mr President, we’d like to make up that there’s only a Winnebago of dirty Hondurans’, and see if you can meet in the middle.
politics  mark  steel  independent  8th  november  2018  usa 
12 days ago by pnjman
I called my kids Somme, Trench and Mustard Gas so I'll never forget the war dead | Mark Steel
One company has commissioned a special Remembrance Bird House covered with pictures of poppies for the centenary. Gestures like that make you realise 60 million people didn’t die in vain.
mark  steel  independent  politics  remembrance  day  1st  november  2018 
19 days ago by pnjman
Benefits of Steel Garage Doors
Steel is a great material you can use for a garage door, and it is one that comes with its own set of advantages. Here is some information about why you should choose a steel door for your garage.
steel  garage-door  garage 
20 days ago by Adventure_Web
3 Reasons To Consider Steel Entry Doors
There are a few common residential door materials commonly used today. This list includes excellent options such as wood, fiberglass, vinyl, and steel.
vinyl  steel  residential-doors 
22 days ago by Adventure_Web
So many people are employed selling arms to the Saudis and sending bombs to CNN, it would be unfair to kick them out of a job | Mark Steel
This is a different situation to Iraq, because the arms we sell to Saudi Arabia are real, and therefore fairly harmless, whereas Saddam had those non-existent ones, and those things are lethal.
politics  mark  steel  independent  2018  october  25th  saudi  arabia 
26 days ago by pnjman
Who's to say it wasn't the Belgians who are responsible for Khashoggi's disappearance? Let's not jump to conclusions | Mark Steel
Trump has stayed as friendly as ever with the Saudi prince, and if he was shown film of the Saudis executing Khashoggi, he’d probably say, 'Well, let’s not jump to conclusions. We haven’t seen what he did to irritate them'.
politics  mark  steel  independent  2018  19th  october 
4 weeks ago by pnjman
Why not let the DUP run the whole of the British government? At least they're united | Mark Steel
The good news is that instead of dull press conferences, the Bank of England will be asked to announce all future changes in interest rates by painting them on a mural in East Belfast with someone on a white horse.
11th  mark  steel  politics  independent  2018  october 
5 weeks ago by pnjman
Theresa May admitted it ‘makes no sense’ to do what she's insisted on for the past decade – does that really deserve praise? | Mark Steel
Of few meaningful announcements, the prime minister promised to allow councils to borrow money to build houses, which councils have been demanding – and the Tories have opposed – for decades.
4th  october  2018  independent  mark  steel  politics  conservatives 
6 weeks ago by pnjman

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